Skating My Fresh Propaganda Deck and Landing A New Trick

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Time to share with you what went down yesterday at Ioannina city #skatepark.


I skated my fresh #Propagandask8 deck and you all know how awesome it feels to skate a new board!
I decided to hit the ledge, tried a couple of grinds I haven't done for months now and I also tried a dream trick, the FS Blunt Bs Flip out

I am kinda weird when it comes to landing tricks. I won't count them unless they are super clean so I need your opinion.

Does it count?

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Yeah bro, you killed it. Nice slide n grind session, I am not a huge fans of wheel grinds, but i liked the wheel to 5-0. Also, I want to see that bluntslide kickflip out clean. Good luck🤙

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Thanks man! Yeah, I am gonna land that Blunf Flip out clean soon! It's a tough one but I can do it ;)

Thanks for taking the time watching and commenting on my post! Much appreciated!

P.S I love Wheelies! Hehehe

brother, it's great to skate a new board, and do that many tricks, next time I'm sure you'll get a clean one, I think I'll use the jart board, I think the one I'm using is worn and the sandpaper has no grip, I think I can save it for Ramon in case he breaks his.

Sounds like a plan brother!

That Jart deck has so much Skatehive history behind it and I am sure you didn't want to use it but boards are made to be used G so go get some sweet tricks!

I'm really unsure if I use it or not, but I could use it and after it is worn I will have it as a great gift from the brother community.