SKG Skaterats

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Here are some clips me and the crew filmed yesterday while rolling around the city skating everything we could find!

#SKG city is completely empty due to the Covid restriction measures so it's a blast. We can skate every single f*cking spot without peolpe passing by or shop owners yelling about the noise!

We didn't film much cause we were more focused on just skating but we did film some chill tricks at a couple of spots with my #fTR_Crew homies Alex and Mike.


Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Fuckkkkkk the best street spots are in SKG !!!!!
Awesome skills all is great!!
I have to travel to Thessaloniki for skating!!!!1

You are always welcome here dude! That big 4 stairs are 1 minute riding from my house! hahaha

You are sooooo lucky bro!!!