Street Skateboarding Clips at 34°C

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Yooo, what's happening my friends?


We were on a street #skateboarding mission yesterday with #fTR_Crew and I managed to film a couple of fun clips with my actioncam just before the real filming session started.
Nothing special, just a couple of high speed Ollies and 180's but it was fun as hell for sure!

Enjoy and always have fun!

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Link bellow :

Much love and #SKATEFORHIVE

Music : Gideg - 1 Minute Freestyle Beat

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Gogogogogo bro!
Street skiller!

Thank you maaaate!

I have always said that true skateboarding is in the streets friend.

Indeed bro and riding in asphalt sure feels so f*cking good!

Every day that passes I want to be more in my place to skate, and to start working on a video part brother.

Go get dem street clips once things chill bro!!

Sup bro! Nice edit
Maybe I'll get all this hive stuff figured out soon lol

Thanks Nick! It's exactly the same as Stem, nothing has really changed except that Hive is a completely decentralized blockchain.
If you want the exact same experience like Steem i recommend you log in to Hive by using
It's exactly the same interface like though I prefer using

Peakd is another front-end to access Hive and it offers a ton more things than
We also rebranded steemskate to @skatehive.

Here is what changed :

We can chat in Discord or fb if you have any questions bro!