Who Shot Ya?

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Enjoy some lines I filmed yesterday at #Ioannina city #skatepark. The place was like a playground so it was really hard to get dem clips but I did it!

I got away with 4 rail and ledge tricks lines but I gotta practice sliding and grinding that rail a little bit more!


Big ups to @dikayskate for filming me. Thanks bro!

Thank you all for watching and supporting me my friends, means a lot.
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Yeahhh bro!
You impressed me once again!
Pop shuv nose grind!!!!

Hahaha! Easy bro!
Thanks for the filming yo!

What you call the trick that the man did behind you? cigarette flip 😂

Hahahahahahah! YEAH!
Alekos does the best cigarette flips man for real!

Haha..true, now the big spliff flip ;)

Bad Boy Video & Tricks... i read the title and i knew you would play Biggie
in this one... also Greetings to the living Biggie ;)
The last trick is money! 180 to front grind??? How you call that one?
Respect my friend, you always gettin' better ;)

Biggie says "Hi" Luca! Hehehe! He is sleeping right now after a good meal!

The last trick is called "Shuvit to Nosegrind". It's not that hard but it's not easy either!
Thanks a lot for your encouraging words man! You motivate me to push even more.

That's what I love about creating skate content. If you do the same tricks it's boring for everyone watching so I am "Forced" to learn new ones! It's a great way to push my limits 😉

Nice to hear that Biggie is doing good ;)
So "Shuvit" is the 180 flip, right?
Yes, push yourself even more...you are reaching that top level ;)
And yes, i always discover new tricks in your videos..awesome! ;)

It’s awesome but tough when a park is full! I love seeing lots of people skate but then you have them get in your way lol thankfully being older and skating tends to hype up the little kids so I would always love that!

Yeah man, it's tough but a man's got to do what a man's got to do right? ahahaha!
Well, I have no problem with skater-bmx-scooter-inline kids but I have a problem with kids that just ride their bikes around the park! That's a big problem in our skatepark.

We ask all parents politely to take their kids somewhere else to bike but they just don't listen to us! People here are stupid, they do not respect the rules and they love to fight so we are not so polite now when we ask them. Works way better! Hahaha!

Cheers man