My Old Skatepark in Boarshill :p

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What's good, Skatehive!?

I found a video of a skate contest from 2018, that
took place in the skate park, in the city/region i grew
up in. Ebersberg is located southeast in the suburbs
of Munich/Germany. I/We renamed Ebersberg= Boarshill :P
Just translating the 2 words into english.
Later, some dudes i grew up with even created a
HipHop Combo, and named it Boarshill No.1.

The park looked different 25 years ago

The big quarter pipe is missing, but they got the whole
wall of the building behind the park "filled up" with
ramps...kinda nice.

Check it out and enjoy your skating on the weekend!

The Basketball court in the park here in Berlin is open again ,
so i will shoot some Ball , and practice my James Harden step back
3 pointer ;)

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Looks like an awesome park bro! The bail at the end was HARSH! DAAAAMN!
If I ever visit Germany you should take me there yo!

The slam, right? Yeah, that one tough...
I'm in Berlin right now (Northeast), Ebersberg is close
to Munich (Southeast)...that's 600km :p
But locations would be everywhere ;)