Oldschool Tony Magnusson H-Street Deck :p

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Hi Skatehive, look what i found under my bed!

My oldschool Tony Magnusson H-Street Deck:
Minimum 25 years old!
The design is so cool, see how the monks transform
to a Skater going down the H-Street :p



And how do you like the green Grip Tape..haha :)


From the big tail you recognize, this is no street deck.

Yeah, i preferred the ramps back in the days , especially
in the skate park, close to where i grew up.
We had a mini ramp and one big quarter pipe, where
i practiced the drop in...which was heading
straight into the park, to combine your drop in then
with more tricks on the other ramps and rails...

Tony Magnusson

was mainly known for his skills
in the half pipe, pools and also a couple of Monster ramps,
like in the X-Games!
The nicer it is to see that his or their legendary
H-Street company is still alive or alive again:

Screenshot from 2020-06-02 11-17-10.png

Screenshot from 2020-06-02 11-15-07.png


And now check some classic and awesome footage of Tony Mag and his friends:

Monster Ramp jumps starts at 12:27 minutes! :p

Classic Battle between Tony Magnusson and Tony Hawk from 1988:

Tony Mags 50th B-Day and still Skating! You gotta love it :)

This is how i see @knowhow92 in 25 years with his friends ;)

Hang' loose! :p
Keep on skating and do what you love!

Respect to Skatehive!

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A Tony Magnusson deck? This one must go directly to your wall and should be treated as a heirloom!
Thanks for sharing bro!
Magnusson was the real deal back in the day!
Thanks for the shoutout bro! I hope I can skate and have fun with the homies for as much as I can!

You just taught me a new word...heirloom, yes, true, it's from ancient times :p
I had it on the wall for some years....gotta go back there, you're right ;)
Who are the new Top 5 Skater worldwide? Except you ;)

Hahahahahaha I wish I was man!
I can't tell you who the best skaters are cause everyone has his own style and unique tricks but here are my top 5 favorites if you feel like watching some skateboarding :

  • Andrew Reynolds
  • Mark Suciou
  • Milton Martinez
  • Dakota Servold
  • Cookie

I'll leave this part so you can see what I mean

Wow...incredible stuff, my friend!
Cookie is the man!
Thanks for the update ;)