First Skate Hive Clip

in SkateHive2 months ago
Hi I am mitsakos . I just join skate hive and this is my first clip. Kickflip at Ioannina city skate park grass gap

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Welcome to the hive 🔥🔥🔥

Hello bro . Thanks 👍

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Fuck yeah bro
welcome to skate hive
flip over everything and stay high

greetings from mexico

Thanks man .
One day I will come to Mexico and go skating

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Welcome bro you gonna love the community

hello bro i already love this community

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Welcome to the Hive!

Nice to meet you bro

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Welcome to our community bro!

Super Sweet Kickflip! Great catch!

Hello bro . Thanks

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Welcome to community bro!
Awesome clean kickflip!!!

Hi dikay thanks

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Welcome to Skatehive Skateboarding community man!

Can't wait for more footage!

Welcome mitsakossk8!
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