Community Call #2 - Let's Help Mr. Danilo With His Fight Against Throat Cancer

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3 months ago Skatehive community organized a fundraising for Mr. Danilo and we were able to raise more than $600 thanks to all of you

The money we raised helped Mr. Danilo pay for his daily expenses while he's away from home at the clinic (food, taxi etc.), buy necessary health gear as well as pay for his first chemotherapies.

Everything was going well until a few days ago @davixesk8, Mr. Danilo's son and an OG member of Skatehive informed us that the clinic is going to stop treating his father unless they pay $3000 by August 17.

$3000 is a big amount of money for someone who lives in Venezuela, a country with $5 monthly wage and that's why we need your help.

Clinic Document stating that Mr. Danilo will receive chemo until August 17

Medical Report in Spanish

English Translation of Medical Report by @Davixesk8

Specimen received: tu of left tonsil.
Gross examination
Specimen received fixed in formalin, consisting of two soft, whitish irregular fragments, measuring 0.3 by 0.2 centimeters, respectively, complete for histopathological study.
Biopsy of a left tonsil tumor.
1-. Tissue fragment lined by eroded, eroded, squamous squamous epithelium with acute inflammatory polymorphonuclear neutrophilic and chronic lymphositic cellular exudate on angiomatous stroma with cellular detritus, pressing in focal area with basal papillary apitheliomatous reaction and areas of epithelial proliferation, malignant squamous cell masses Some have a moruliform appearance, without cellular pleomorphism, with inversion of the nucleo-cytoplasm relationship and with nuclear hyperchromacy, recalling basaloid cells.
2.- bands of fibrous tissue separating tumor masses
3.- lymphotonsillary parenchyma was not observed in the sample examined.
Biopsy of left tonsil tumor lesion.
Infiltrating epithelial malignancy of left tonsil: squamous cell carcinoma, moderately differentiated, basaloid.

Expenses report in Bolivar

Let's Show The Power Of Community and Help Mr. Danilo

A few words from Mr. Danilo himself

Starting from today and for the next 7 days, Skatehive commuity is organizing a 2nd Campaign for Mr. Danilo.

4 ways you can help

  1. Donate Directly to Mr. Danilo via GoFundMe :

  2. Upvote and Reblog this post (100% Post Rewards and tips go to @davixesk8)

  3. Donate HBD/Hive to Skatehive with the Memo "Donation for Mr. Danilo"

  4. Transfer any amount of Hive/HBD to @davixesk8 (Mr. Danilo's son) with the Memo "Donation for Mr. Danilo"

Thank you all

Thank you all in advance for your donations.

We hope each one of you can contribute with their own way and help Mr. Danilo. The world we live in is tough but united we can do anything.

Much love to everyone and thanks again for your help and time

@Skatehive Community


the clinic is going to stop treating his father unless they pay $3000 by August 17.

What about social insurance? I am sure he have that. The clinic cannot stop treating him. It is their duty, their job to help and cure patients.

Maybe in an old venezuela it could be, but in venezuela right now social security while you wait for it, you die.
If you do not have money they do not check you, there are many cases of people who die waiting for answers from the social security brother.

Still dont quite get how this works but upvoted and donated :)) hope this helps smh

Chemotherapy is a deadly and ineffective "treatment" for cancer. This will be a waste of money and his life. I hope he reconsiders this horrible decision ASAP.

Everything will be more than fine my G @davixesk8

Thanks brother the situation is somewhat difficult, but we are moving everywhere.

United we stand my G ❤️

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I don't understand how it works @skatehive, to be able to help Mr. Danilo, and ask for his guidance

God bless!

Friends with all my heart I hope for your two cents, let's help save my father from this disease so S # $$$%.

Blessings for all.

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I feel you @davixesk8. My father also has cancer. He has lung cancer with brain metastases, his cancer is stage 4. It is very difficult but never lose hope. Everything will be fine and your father will get better. Stay away from bad thoughts and stress.

Ask your doctor about the compatibility of cyberknife and gammaknife treatments. These radiation treatments are 100 times more effective than normal radiotherapy.

Also, don't forget to ask your doctor about immunotherapy and smart drug compatibility, these treatments are much stronger and less harmful than chemotherapy. God be with your father, your family and you.

que mierda de enfermedad, perdi a mi tio hace unos meses por el, espero que todo salga bien para tu padre, de corazon animos!

Hope for the fast recovery. My father is also fighting for Colon Cancer, hope he is can also survive in this struggle.

Espero se mejore! Haré mi donación y compartiré, espero muchos más puedan ayudar de cualquier manera...
Les deseo progreso y bendiciones a todos.

I hope it gets better! I will make my donation and share, but many more can help in any way...
I wish everyone progress and blessings.

Que enfermedad de m...., voy a hacer mis colaboraciones y donare al menos 10 dolares en hive para que te ayuden y te puedan los medicamentos para recuperarte. Nunca te eches para abajo porque te queda mucho mas por vivir y compartir con tu familia :D