Cyber Skater Of The Week - @Keepskating420

Our CSOTW is ON for a 3rd week in a row and we couldn't be more hyped about this week's choise.

We are talking about @keepskating420, a skateboarder/videographer from Mexico.

@Keepskating420 is sharing some awesome skateboarding videos and blogs in both his Hive and LBRY channels in a regular basis and this makes him our ideal CSOTW canditate.
Congrats bro!

Skatehive Team will stake 50,000 LBC as Support at @Keepskating420's LBRY Channel as well as nominate @keepskating420's #Hive posts for an OCD upvote on #Hive worth $10+

Read more about CSOTW initiative here

How can I become a CSOTW ?

Everyone has an equal chance of becoming next week's CSOTW. All you have to do is

  • Join our Skatehive Discord server
  • Engage with other Skatehivers
  • Create or edit original skateboard content
  • Share your content in LBRY and Hive so you can enjoy the benefits of CSOTW

It's ok to mongo push, you still can be our CSOTW haha


What we hope to achieve

We want to strengthen the bonds between our community members and help everyone build a name on decentralized platforms.

We would like to remind that our movement is not focused in earning money with your skateboard content

The main goal of Skatehive is to spread the decentralized culture in the global skateboarding community and help every skater make it's project come true by utilizing the benefits of open source communities.

We are skateboarders, we seek for change

The Revolution Has Started.

Will You Be A Part Of It?

Sign up on SkateHive :
Sign up on LBRY :$/invite/@Skatehive:6

Join SkateHive Server :

Join SkateHive on LBRY server :

React to the red skateboard emoji so the room opens


Thanks to the @skatehive community and @knowhow92 for believing and supporting @keepskating420 from the beggining, this support will be very useful to continue growing on the Lbry and Hive blockchain. We are very grateful for making this possible, it really motivates us to keep making content and keep skating even better.