HUGE NEWS : SkateHive is included in OCD's "Community Incubation Program"

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What's up #Skatehive and #Hive Fam?

We are more than happy to announce that Skatehive Skateboarding Community is included in @ocd's "Community Incubation Program".

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For those of you who don't know, @ocd stands for Original Content Decentralized.
@ocd has been up and running for years now and they are one of the most established curation projects on Hive blockchain.

OCD recently launched the "Community Incubation Program" so they can support niche communities and Skatehive Skateboarding Community is one of these.

Benefits of "Community Incubation Program"

High quality Skatehive posts will now be curated by the @ocd account who holds more than 400k Hive Power. That means that skaters will now be able to earn way more Hive than they used to for sharing their original content in Skatehive Skateboarding Community.

For example

@stickchumpion's and @keepskating420's latest #skatehive posts were curated by the @ocd account yesterday and they both have more than $10 of pending payments

download 1.jpg

You now have one more reason to go out skate and share your skateboarding adventures with us as well as invite your friends to join our skateboarding community 😉

Big up to @ocd for the awesome initiative and for including our skateboarding community in it.
❤️ We couldn't be more thankful ❤️

Check out our latest community updates :

Feel like supporting us?

Delegate To Us

You can delegate to @steemskate, our curation account and help us support every skater with a much bigger upvote. We are currently voting with 54,000 Hive Power thanks to our awesome delegators bellow :

Delegators :

@liondani - 50000 HP
@ganjafarmer - 850 HP
@streetstyle - 500 HP
@knowhow92 - 500 HP
@nicolcron - 420 HP
@ervin-lemark - 200 HP
@fun2learn - 100 HP
@cmplxty - 75 HP
@nicksmitley - 75 HP
@da-dawn - 50 HP
@mami.sheh7 - 50 HP
@delegate4upvot - 50HP
@nailyourhome - 25 HP
@stickchumpion - 25 HP
@patricktebble - 5 HP
@bitandi - 2 HP

All delegators will be receiving a daily upvote from us depending on the Hive Power they delegated to our curation account (@steemskate)
For more info check out the post bellow :

Follow our Curation Trail

Our curation trail is supporting all skaters with some extra upvotes thanks to all those who've been following us. If you want to support our work you can follow our curation trail at the link bellow :


Thank You

We want to thank our community members for their awesome content and all those who support us in any way.
If you have any questions about us you can find us at bellow :
- Instagram :
- Facebook :
- Discord :

Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORHIVE


Welcome to the OCD family.

Thank you @derangedvisions!
We are super-stoked about it!


This is really great news, we are going to grow a lot, this is motivation to create much more friends content.

Exactly bro!
Looking forward for your next #Skatehive post G

This is more than great and I'm about to drop a new video soon the community getting more and more blessed lately one day we might even have our own platform🙏🏼

Yeah man, good things are happening so start inviting your friends and send them over to our discord so we can help them with the sign up proccess! It's so easy to join Hive yet everyone can buy a board every now and then with they money they made out of their skate content!

Get ready @zagorisioss, a HUGE skatehive contest is coming!

I'm always ready and trying to get us new members cause it's win win situation you get paid and have a film of what you doing

Such a huge piece of news dude! The skating community on here has some awesome support besides this and now this is an awesome step to help people out! Really awesome shit man! I’m proud of what you’ve been able to accomplish!

Thanks a lot buddy! Nothing would be possible without your support and without our loyal community members!


Congrats, this is awesome!

Thank you @ervin-lemark!
Nothing would be possible without your support <3

Much #Skatehive love man!


@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 24/32)

Thanks a lot @neuerko!

Congratulations, it’s well deserved!

Thank you @dfacademy!

Hive communities are the future of Hive blogging platforms and we are more than happy to be included in this initiative!

More exciting news will be announced soon!
Stay tuned

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