Let's Grow Skatehive - Support our Skateboarding Community with your Delegation

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What's up SkateHive Fam?

Our community is growing every day and we couldn't be more happy about it! New users are joining our community and the #SkateHive OG members keep putting in work and love to make our community the best skateboarding community on the web.
Since we want to support all skaters on Hive the best way we can we came up with a plan that will benefit both skaters and all of you that are reading this blog.

Let's Grow SkateHive Together


Our community's curation account (@steemskate) is currently voting all skate-related posts with an upvote of 53000 Hive Power (0.70$-0.80$) thanks to a huge delegation of 50000 HP from Hive witness @liondani.
We can support every skate post that's published on Hive with our upvote and we even have some spare voting power to share with the Hive community so here is the plan.

We kindly ask for your delegation

We want to support all skaters the best way we can for their creative work and since there is no "ceiling" in Hive delegations, you can now delegate Hive Power to our curation account (@steemskate) and receive 1 upvote every day from us.
That way we can support skaters with a much bigger upvote and we can also show some love to all those who support our community and don't skate!

Delegation Formula

We've been experimenting with various delegation formulas the past week and this is the one that seems more fitting
  • 1/99 HP Delegation - 5% Daily Upvote (0.02$)
  • 100/249 HP Delegation - 10% Daily Upvote (0.05$)
  • 250/499 HP Delegation - 20% Daily Upvote (0.10$)
  • 500+ HP Delegation - 30% Daily Upvote (0.20$)

People who already Delegated to our curation account (@steemskate)

@liondani - 50000 HP
@streetstyle - 500 HP
@knowhow92 - 500 HP
@ganjafarmer - 100 HP
@cmplxty - 75 HP
@nicksmitley - 75 HP
@sketch17 - 50 HP
@da-dawn - 50 HP
@fun2learn - 30 HP
@nailyourhome - 25 HP
@stickchumpion - 25 HP
@bitandi - 2 HP

Disclaimer : We are not running a service here. We just want to be able to provide all skaters with a much bigger upvote and maximize our curation rewards while showing some love back to all those who want to support us.

If you feel like supporting our community and the skateboarding scene on Hive consider delegating some of your Hive Power to our curation account (@steemskate).
If you do not know how to delegate we are more than happy to help you.
Join our discord channel (@SkateHive Discord : https://discord.gg/W7FjQ24) and ask us for instructions.


Follow our Curation Trail

Our curation trail is supporting all skaters with some extra upvotes thanks to all those who've been following us. If you want to support our work you can follow our curation trail at the link bellow :
- https://hive.vote/dash.php?trail=steemskate&i=1

Thank You

We want to thank all our community members for their awesome content and all those who support us.
If you have any questions you can find us at the links bellow :
- SkateHive Community : https://peakd.com/c/hive-173115/
- Instagram : https://twitter.com/skatehive
- Facebook : https://www.instagram.com/skatehive/
- Discord : https://discord.gg/W7FjQ24

Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORHIVE

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do comments on skatehive content count for daily upvote rewards or how does that work exactly?

Yeah man, all thoughtful comments on a skatehive post earn you a 0.04$ upvote from our curation account (@steemskate).
You can check out more about out "Comments for upvotes" initiative here @rilo :


Reading all that really highlights how little I know about Hive and how it all works. Can you direct me to somewhere that explains it all really simply ha...

I don't know what delegating really achieves, but delegated something anyways to see what happens.

Keep up the good work (even if I don't fully understand it all!)

Thank you for your gesture bro! I texted you at Discord! We can speak from there and ask me anything you want!

Boom... Some fire for sure!!!!!

Mucho fuego bro!

That’s awesome man but don’t worry about voting on my stuff unless it’s skating related. Save the voting power for other accounts! I want to help you guys to just help, my stake isn’t huge but it’s enough where my curation and posting is steadily rising so I want to share that with others as much as I can!

Keep up the work man, don’t upvote this comment either :) hook someone else up with one!

Got you brother and thanks for your support!

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