"My Favorite Skate Video" Contest Results

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What's up #SkateHive Fam?

It is time to announce the winners of "My Favorite Skate Video" Contest.
11 people participated and here are their favorite skate videos!

download 9.jpg

@Estefanobm - Milton Martinez "Demolition" Part

@cmplxty - Transworld Skateboarding "Mondus Operanti"

@Howweroll - Highway Ghospel


This contest's prize pool was 20 Hive so we sent 2 Hive(0.70$) to each participant.
A new contest will be announced tomorrow so stay tuned. Gotta keep the #SkateHive Fam busy ;)


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Nice! There were some pretty badass videos that people shared! I will be posting another one to the community soon, I'll drop some of my old favorites!

Gotta educate the youngsters bro! Hehehehe!
Keep 'em coming!
Thank you for participating @cmplxty.