Skatehive Monthly Edit - March 2021

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Our first-ever Skatehive Monthly Edit is online

Our community members from all around the globe sent us their footage and we edited this footage in our own unique Skatehive way

Enjoy Watching




Yeah will check it out as soon im at home🔥❤️🛹

In the meantime @sketch17 voteandshare

Let us know what you think and please send us some clips for April's Skatehive edit 🙏

We need some @neshk signature noseslides 😁

I will this weekend promised ❤️

So raaaaaaaaaad!



Oke Oke i see you! Didn t know that was a thing! Lets gooo! Fire Video see you next month

This is the first of many @kdkou

Feel free to share your clips for April's Skatehive edit ✌️

Great job bros, the edit is dope!!!

Thank you @unhurried


Incredible edition friends, I really have skatehive with the passing of time I have grown in an incredible way, we are a great family.

Exactly G! We are a HUGE global family of skateboarders!


Yoooo!! I saw it pop up on Odysee earlier(I almost said lbry... again)!

So sick everyone! That was such a dope edit. Y’all are wild

Thanks a ton @herbertholmes2!

Why don't you send us some clips for April's edit?

Hahah I'll try. We've got snow on the ground again, but I think this time is the last for the year. It's supposed to be summer haha

Couple of old clips work too 😁

Instructions on how to send us your clips are in this post 👆

Am I allowed to send in clips of friends that I film? I’m much more of a filmer.. regardless, I’ll try to get a clip of myself

calidad de trucos y la edición chingona 🔥


wait guys wait |
What I see ?
Let's make the skatehive community the best skate community of world!!!!!!!!!!1!!
#skatehive #skatehiveforlife

Hell yeah @dikayskate 🤘

Don't forget to sendus a couple of raw clips for April's Skatehive Edit

Great fkin edit. Good job to the Skatehive editors for that and to all the skaters that provide these awesome clips. Looking forward to see more of that with new faces in it! Keep shredding everyone 🙏🏼🙏🏼

Thanks a ton @georgeavg and we are more than glad that you enjoy our community! You are a new user after all and enjoying yourself is the most important part hehe!

Why don't you send us a couple of clips for April's Skatehive Edit?

awesome compilation 🙀🙀🙀 the most weird and insane was the landed tricks with one foot.🤘

I motivated a lot after watch this video so I'll send my monthly edit for the next month 👽

#skatehive for life

Thanks a ton brother!

All we need is a couple of raw clips and you've got 1 week to send them!

Truly fond of your editing skills my guy ! Can't wait for the next one !

Make sure you send us a couple of clips so you can get featured bro! Instructions are in this post!

If i happen to do something new, you will be the first ones to see it !

Doesn't have to be new. A couple of raw clips will do the trick! All we want is to highlight as many skaters of our community as possible!

Follow the instructions in this post or in our Discord's #monthly-edit channel and you are good to go!

Love editing this video!!! Share your skate videos in the #montlhy-edit channel on our discord server to be highlighted on the next month edit!!!

April edit is gonna be even more DOPE!

Missed this one man! try to be on the next one! peace and more power to #skatehive!!