SkateHive x DIY HUB "Skate-Art Contest" - 30 Hive & 600 DIY TOKENS in prizes

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What's up #Hivers?

We are more than happy to announce our collaboration with @diyhub, a non-profit DIY community on Hive and organize a "Skate-Art Contest" together.


Contest Theme

This week's theme is Skate Art.
Art is personal so everyone is free to share anything they visualize as long as it's skate-related!
For Example, you can draw something skate-related, you can build a chair out of old decks, you can draw a skate wheel with syroup on your pancakes! The possibilities are endless!
Feel free to add your own personal style at your entry. There are no right or wrong entries as long as they are art and skate related.


  • Post your entry at "SkateHive Community"
  • Include "Skate-Art Contest" at your post's title
  • Use #SkateHive and #diyhub as 2 of your first 5 tags
  • Leave the link of your Hive post at the comment section bellow so we won't miss it


July 10


- 1st Place : 15 Hive + 300 DIY TOKENS + 300 Built TOKENS
- 2nd Place : 10 Hive + 200 DIY TOKENS + 200 Built TOKENS
- 3rd Place : 5 Hive + 100 DIY TOKENS + 100 Built TOKENS

@monsterjamgold will be sponsoring this contest too and added 600 BUILD TOKENS to the total prize pool.


Feel like supporting us?

Delegate To Us

You can delegate to @steemskate, the account used by @Skatehive community to upvote and resteem skateboarding content and help us support every skater with a much bigger upvote. We are currently voting with 52,000 Hive Power thanks to our awesome delegators bellow :

Delegators :

@liondani - 50000 HP
@streetstyle - 500 HP
@knowhow92 - 500 HP
@ganjafarmer - 300 HP
@ervin-lemark - 200 HP
@cmplxty - 75 HP
@nicksmitley - 75 HP
@sketch17 - 50 HP
@da-dawn - 50 HP
@fun2learn - 100 HP
@nailyourhome - 25 HP
@stickchumpion - 25 HP
@bitandi - 2 HP

Follow our Curation Trail

Our curation trail is supporting all skaters with some extra upvotes thanks to all those who've been following us. If you want to support our work you can follow our curation trail at the link bellow :


Thank You

We want to thank all our community members for their awesome content and all those who support us.
If you have any questions you can find us at the links bellow :
- Instagram :
- Facebook :
- Discord :

Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORHIVE

Untitled 1.png


I will add 600 build tokens to your prize pool.
1st 300 build
2nd 200 build
3rd 100 build

Just let know who wins and i will transfer the tokens to them

Awesome @monsterjamgold! We can connect on Discord and and talk about future collaborations.
Are you from the built-it team?

I am not part of the build-it team I am just being random.

Thanks for the kind gesture @monsterjamgold! You rock!

Awesome! Here is my entry:

Good luck everyone!

hey @bbtmh, how are you?
Unfortunatelly your post is more than 7 days old so we cannot give you a 100% upvote(0.55$).
If you feel like sharing something else, there is still a week left before this contest ends!

Okay, cool! Thanks for letting me know! I will definitely do that!

I resubmitted below!

💪 ✌️

Here is my entry for the contest! Good luck everyone!

Thank you for participating @bbtmh!

I am happy to participate in this contest, here is my submission:


Thank you for participating @aleestra!

Thank you for participating @ramonsk8

I am very thrilled to take part in this art contest!

Thank you for participating @dikayskate

Thank you for participating @camerarules


My Entry:

"Uniqueness is the name, Art is my game!"

Thank you for participating @mami.sheh7

You're very welcome 💖

Below is my entry. Not sure whether it qualifies but I have tried. 😁

Thank you for participating @delegate4upvot

Love this great idea.

Thank you @hafizullah.
Can't wait to see what you will think of.

Hey, a great initiative. Thanks. Reblogged!

An unofficial entry:

  • because it's old,
  • because it's snowboard and not skateboard related :)

A short video that my son and I did a while ago for his school project:

Awesome project my friend! You can spent some time with your son working on a skate-related one this time 😉
Thanks for your support @ervin-lamark. Appreciate it.

I'll ask him tomorrow :)

Thank you for participating @nailyourhome!

Thank you for participating @davixesk8

I love this! 💖💖💖

Nice dude this is awesome! Collaborating between some of my favorite communities is badass, diy and skating! I can hopefully catch peoples posts so I can check them out!

I will see if I can figure out a post to make on it.

Hell yeah bro, it's a collab with so much synergy! Skate, DIY and art is a really interesting theme! I bet each entry will be unique and special!
You got 15 days bro, I am sure you can make it and I can't wait to see what you can come up with ;)