SkateHive x DIY HUB "Skate-Art" Contest Results

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Without further delay, let's announce the winners of SkateHive x DIY HUB "Skate-Art Contest"
1st Place : @aleestra (15 Hive + 300 DIY TOKENS + 300 Built TOKENS)
2nd Place : @bbtmh (10 Hive + 200 DIY TOKENS + 200 Built TOKENS)
3rd Place : @mami.sheh7 (5 Hive + 100 DIY TOKENS + 100 Built TOKENS)

Congratulations to the winners!!!

As mentioned above, all entries were awesome so it was really hard to pick a top 3. We judged all entries according to creativity and post quality.
The contest prizes will be sent to the winners within 24 hours.

Big up to @diyhub and @monsterjahmgold for adding 600 DIY Tokens and 600 BUILD Tokens to the total prize pool. You folds ROCK!


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@fun2learn - 100 HP
@cmplxty - 75 HP
@nicksmitley - 75 HP
@sketch17 - 50 HP
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@mami.sheh7 - 50 HP
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Much love to everyone and #SKATEFORHIVE

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Awesome! This is so dope! I greatly appreciate whoever voted me to #2! This encourages me to partake in the community more!

Congrats for 2nd place @bbtmh. Can't wait to see more of your skate-related content!

Wow, that was a big surprise! Thank you so much and congratulations to the other winners! I was very very funny to participate in this contest❤️

This community is growing up faster and faster 💪

Congrats to all winners and thank you to all participants! Everyone has been creative in his/her own way :) Really amazing! I just transferred the prizes and a few extra bonuses to all of you!

Keep it going!



been really busy so I just got this and it is absolutely amazing how much support is starting to build and grow with this community.

Really excited to be able to help and grow this community.

Wow I don't know that I won the 3rd place. 💖


The winners have been sent the build tokens. Well worth staking as there can be a good return.

Awesome! I'm glad that lots of people are staking the Build tokens! It's great to vote on the DIY posts but it's also great to be able to get curation rewards from the Hive Engine side of it as well!

Congrats to the winners and to all the participants. Awesome work.

I like the silver surfer the most 🏄‍♂️😀👍

Awesome dude! Congrats to the winners! I didn’t have a chance to enter this one but there was some tough competition here! The hot dog sauce killed me lol mami sheh!

Congrats to the winners!

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