Skatehive x LBRY Cyber Skateboarding Contest Results

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We are more than happy to announce that Skatehive x LBRY Online Contest was a HUGE sucess.

Our Skatehive Discord Server counts more than 100 cyber-skaters (and artists) and people keep jumping in.

This couldn't have happened without your support so thank you all for spreading the word and participating in our contest.

Now it's the time you've all been waiting for.
Time to announce Skatehive x LBRY Contest Winners


1st Place: @bala



2nd Place: @Darkvark



  • 150 HIVE
  • 500 LBC
  • 1500 DIY Tokens
  • $8 worth of BUILD-IT Tokens

3rd Place: @Nava



  • 100 HIVE
  • 500 LBC
  • 500 DIY Tokens
  • $5 worth of BUILD-IT Tokens

4th Place: @davixesk8


Prizes :

  • 50 Hive
  • 500 DIY Tokens
  • $2 worth of BUILD-IT Tokens

5th to Last:


Tips for your posts in both LBRY and Skatehive

Congratulations to the winners, finalists and to everyone who participated in our contest.

Winner Prizes will be credited to their Hive and LBRY accounts within 3 days

About Skatehive x LBRY Online Contest

We organized a virtual skateboarding contest in which participants had to land one trick each week for a total of 5 consecutive weeks.

The rules

Every round was eliminatory. Those who "survived" all 5 weeks qualified to the finals and competed in a video editing contest.

We were more than proud to see people learning tricks and having fun in such difficult times.

Week 1 Announcement
Week 2 announcement
Week 3 annoucement
Week 4 annoucement
Week 5 annoucement

Finals happened on Skatehive and LBRY.

Finalists had to upload their finals entry video on LBRY and then share their LBRY video in a Skatehive post.

Money for Tricks ?

Our 5 Special Guests proposed 5 tricks and each trick correspondent to a letter of the word S.K.A.T.E.

Participants earned tips in crypto (LBC & Hive) for landing each week's trick and were assigned a letter of the word S.K.A.T.E for every successful weekly entry. We doubled up the tips every week as the tricks got harder and harder.

Spreading crypto to everyone was our initial goal since we are a decentralized skateboarding community and our tipping method worked more than well!

At this point we would like to say a big THANK YOU to our sponsors for helping us in prizes

Contest's Goal

Most of you will probably wonder why Skatehive Skateboarding Community and LBRY Fundation organized a contest like this one and gave away all these prizes...

This contest's goal was to raise awareness about our skateboarding communities and about how you can monetize your content in a decentralized environment while earning $$ in form of cryptocurrency at the same time.

Most people think that cryptocurrencies are confusing and we don't blame them but did you know that :

  • Cryptocurrencies are financial freedom
  • Cryptocurrencies eliminate the need of middle-men 'cause you are in total control of your money just as LBRY and HIVE blockchain platforms eliminate servers and censorship
  • By using cryptocurrencies you are in control of your data
    ... and many more

What's Next ?

This contest was only the beggining.

We are a growing Skateboarding community so we will organize more contest like this one in the near future with much bigger prizes .

Our primary goal is to build an autonomous wolrwide entity of skaters supporting each other so join us and together let's work our way to decentralization and independency.

Join Skatehive

Skatehive on Discord 👇

Skatehive on Instagram :

The Revolution Has Started.

Will You Be A Part Of It?

Sign up on SkateHive :
Sign up on LBRY :$/invite/@Skatehive:6



That was so amazing ! Now lets keep it warm, support each other, invite our friends. This is only the beginning our community will make cyber history

Exactly @xvlad! 🔥


That was an awesome video, loved the sci-fi aspect of it.

Thanks a lot for the prize monsterjamgold! I am sure @jucabala will appreciate it!

will do for sure! I'm so happy! thank u guys <3

Awesome Videos!😀
Congrats to all the Winners 🏆

Awesome entries indeed @luca1777!

Thank you for your support!

My pleasure 😉

One question. Did you check the right link from lbry, because at first there was a wrong link for my finals entry video ? I also sent my video on discord chat.

Yeap, we did! It doesn't matter who won and who didn't! Having fun is all that matters in the end right?

Αll the entries were unbelievable!!
My favourites:

  • @bala for his skills about skate and editing!
  • @nava for his sick line and skating skills!!!!

Hope we can see you at the finals of our next contest @dikayskate!

Until then skate a lot and of course #SKATEFORHIVE

Foi muito daora ter participado, aprendi várias manobras novas, mesmo eu não tendo ganhado já valeu a pena ter participado, vlw a todos os envolvidos e parabéns para os ganhadores 🔥🔥👏🏼

Obrigado por participar e estamos mais do que felizes em saber que você gostou do nosso concurso! Continue compartilhando seu conteúdo no Skatehive e LBRY e fique ligado no próximo!

This is a google Translate Comment 😄
Peace and #SKATEFORHIVE @viniiisk8

this is so amazing. love in my heart for this

Yo @web-gnar, join us at the enxt one brother!

Loved to be a part of it! hope to continue growing within the hive!