SkateHive x LBRY.TV Collaboration - 2 Skateboarding Communities Unite

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I have joined the curation trail and set it to max of 100% but that maybe tweaked in the future. I have just over 4k hive of power so not a worthless vote. Keep up the good work you heroes on plywood on four wheels.

Thank you so much for the support @monsterjamgold, means a lot!
Mych skate love my friend!

only one thing to say : YEAH RIGHT!


so, i'm here!! amazing good vlad!!!

Welcome to skatehive skateboarding community bro!

FUUUUCK YESSSS!!! You absolute legends!! @skatehive @xvlad
If I wasn’t so drunk I would do it right now!! Hahaha!!
This is that start of something very special!!
I’m really looking forwards to checking out what they have been doing over there!! And they too will love it here!! Ohh this is so lovely!!! :)

❤️ One love ❤️

This is AWESOME news dude! I'm hyped! Congrats to have such an awesome collaboration. I am looking forward to getting more skaters rewards on here and on LBRY. I will have to sign up for LBRY but I don't know a lot about it. Is it a platform similar to Hive or is it a video only platform?

Thank you @cmplxty. We do not believe in "blockchain racism" and our only goal is to support skateboarders so the more the merrier!

As far as I know, lbry users can only share videos. Maybe @xvlad can answer that question

Hell yeah man, it really annoyed me that some of the whales on here were going to start flagging people who post content on chains like Steem. Who gives a shit where you post things, honestly? We want Hive to be successful of course but some of us (like yourself!) depend in income earned through things like Hive and Steem. People being dicks on here if you post something on Steem are petty. You haven't received any downvotes for that have you?

No, never!
I post on various social media platforms but I am alwas shilling Hive in every single one of them as the best platform for content creators.

Hive needs as much exposure as it can gets and I believe that sharing content (in which Hive is mentioned) on other platforms can only benefit Hive

That's amazing news bro !!!
I'll create a lbry acc right now !!

Join us on Discord if you have any questions @dikayskate and leave your lbry accuont link bellow so all hiveskaters can follow you ;)
Cheers bro and thanks for your support

I set up an account, but cannot verify on discord cos I need twitter or linkedin (or github whatever that is) and I don't use any of those so I gotta try another way....
OK I tried to create a channel and cannot because I have no LBC?
Very confused.

Hey Mark, join the SkateHive discord when you have some free time and we'll figure this out!

Yo man I just got it sorted! Thank you for the offer dude, I think I am all good now!

Glad to hear this man! Drop a link with your lbry channel once you are all ready

I'm doing the youtube sync version so it might take a while for anything to appear!
My internet is so slow that I can't be uploading twice and thought the auto sync thing seems best for me! I hope it all works!!!

UPDATE Did it the card way... felt very sketched out typing that shit in, but yeah I'm on there now!