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Hi folks :)

Im setting up right now my new webpage, with blog and shop and other stuff.
And i was preparing those days the images of the grip tapes i painted.

So i wanted to share it with you.

I use often spray for the background, even use water drops sometimes before aplying the background color. To create some strange effect in the colors.

Most of those grips are allready on a skatedeck. But its nice to see them all together :)

Here they are:

The three skulls logo i often use for my self ( splitted mind ), and to represent community.

In three color variants here, red ( aggressive ), green ( toxic ), and blue/lila ( sweet )
All color stands for sensations, feelings and atitude

Three Bloody Skulls

Three Sugar Skulls

Three Toxic Skulls

The Grind Em all comes from the song of Metallica "Kill Em All"

Grind Em All

Here a clear statment for all those voices who just try to talk shit into our heads sometimes, or just want that you leave a spot :)


This one, i really have no idea what i had in mind when i painted it.
The little eyes of the worm glowed in the dark :)

The Worm

Crystals..i just like it. And love the color combos of this one.
crystal 001

This is one i not like to most, because i often feel sick in my head, and doing skate helps me. Thats why i putted ride,slide,grind and SMILE

Mental Disorder 001

this was for a young friend of mordor. That sometimes feels like a shadow, but is big inside with a big heart, and step by step it is coming out with its full potential

creature 001

This was for my friend Victor of Non Human Shop, the Skull glows in the Dark
Non Human

This was for my girlfriend, to let her no trap by the roots of his life and be free.
Roots 001

This was for me, after a little oil accident cleaning my bearings i got the nickname "stripper"
StripperLife 001

The song Barbie Girls means a lot for me and my daugther. Its a bad song, haha but we had always fun with this since she is a little sweet girl, and now she is a big nice girl( allready 19 years)

BarbieGirl 001

Drugs are bad, so easy
Sugar Dreams

Aggresive people is bad, and hurts
Bloody Shit

The toxic society is bad
Send Nudes

Have a great day folks :)

leave a comment, share or just take a look :)
Have a nice day folks!!!

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I really liked the Mental Disorder 001 grip, orange is a really attractive color in my opinion. Good job! 👍

Thank you happy that you like it 😊

Every single one is awesome bro but if I was to pick one I'd take the "Worm". Such a trippy design and the fact that you didn't know what you were thinking while drawing it makes it even more awesome!

Hey and i still got the hive grip on my list to send you, in the next weeks it will be done. So you can skate it, donate it or make some contest or whatever you like.

Awesome! We can talk about a Skatehive griptape contest, what do you think? Winner takes home a skatehive grip and Skatehive pays for the shipping ;)

Sounds great, i give you a chat on discord these days 😊❤️