"Steemskate Badge Contest" Updates

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Hey Fam


This is just a short post to inform you that we just applied for a Steemskate Badge. The only things you have to do to receive a "Steemskate Badge" is to participate in our latest contest called "Steemskate Badge Contest" (more info can be found bellow) and follow the "Steemskate Badge" account.


Here is the link to the account you should follow : https://steempeak.com/@badge-666777
If you haven't yet subscribed to our skateboarding community called "Steemskate" I suggest you do cause from now on @Steemskate's curation trail will be upvoting posts shared withing the offical community page and not just by using the #steemskate tag.
Here is the link to our official "Steemskate Community"

If you don't know how to subscribe to our community or how to post directly from our community's page here are a couple of useful links for you :

HUGE STEEMSKATE NEWS! The Steemskate Skateboarding community is live. Join us

How to share your posts with the "Steemskate Community" the easiest way. (Video Tutorial)

Steemskate Badge Contest

If you are using Steempeak.com you most propably saw these small icons next to your username called "Badges".


How about we have our own badge? A Steemskate Badge? Sounds f*cking awesome right?
Since we launched the official Steemskate community we wanted to organize a contest exclusively for our members. This will be an easy to participate contest without many rules and requirments.

Contest Theme

"Promote the Steemskate Community in other social media Platforms"

Since we want our community to grow bigger this is the best time to organize a contest like this one. As Steemians, it is our duty to promote our platform to the masses and that's what this contest is all about, promoting Steemskate in social media so we can raise awareness about our community and of course about our eco-system, the Steem Blockchain.

Contest Rules

  • Write a blog post or upload a video promoting the "Steemskate Community" and iviting people to check us out in your other social media accounts.
  • Your post, your rules. You choose how you promote Steemskate. All entries are valid as long as we are mentioned in your post's title and it looks good.
  • You choose where to share your Steemskate promo post. It can be an Instagram post , a Tweet, a Youtube video or even a stupid Facebook status. Just make it look good.
  • Share your Steemskate Promo post link in the comment section bellow.
  • The Deadline is March 9.


The prize pool of this contest is 20 Steem. The best-looking Steemskate promo post will receive 10 Steem and the other 10 Steem will be split between all other participants.

Special Prize

This contest is called "Badge contest" for a reason. Steemskate will be launching it's own community badge and every participant will receive one. I think it will be really cool to have a Steemskate badge right?

For any questions regarding the contest feel free to leave a comment bellow or find us in Discord : https://discord.gg/W7FjQ24


The @Steemskate Instagram Initiative

If you are using Instagram you most probably follow the @steemskate account but if you don't YES, we now have an official Steemskate account over there. We need to gather followers and start inviting more people to our #skateboarding community here on Steem so we will be starting a fun Instagram #steemskate campaign to get people's attention and onboard more skaters.

How you can help us

It is quite simple. First of all if you don't already follow us on Instagram and have an account over there start following the official Steemskate Profile. Here is the link https://www.instagram.com/steemskate_/ .
After following us, the only thing we ask is to tag us or use the #steemskate tag at your post so we can start sharing all people's posts as stories. More variety of skaters tagging us and we sharing stories of their posts means a lot more visibility for @steemskate.
And that's pretty much it. Just by tagging us and using the #STEEMSKATE tag we can attract people's attention, gather followers and start inviting more people.

More info can be found at the link bellow :

Delegate and earn SKATE TOKENS

Delegators will be receiving a fixed ammount of SKATE TOKENS monthly depending on the amount of SP they delegated. For every SP you delegate, you will be receiving x5 SKATE TOKENS. That means that if you delegate 10 SP you will be getting back 50 SKATE TOKENS every month.
The Steem Power Delegated to us will be used to vote exclusively skateboarding content and give all skaters the appropriate support. Whether we like it or not, a big upvote is a huge motivation.

Delegators :

If you want to learn more about the SKATE TOKEN or about our community check out our latest posts :

We are the #steemskate family

Find us on