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Hey guys!

I combined some of my skateboarding clips and photographs to make content to show what is my way to having fun and I wanted to share with you. On this content, you can see random tricks and some skateboarding related photographs that I really enjoyed. I no have any sports activities except skateboarding it's almost 15 years until today I've been playing skateboarding with my crewmates. Even I have two daughters and some of the crewmates have their own families too I never to stopped to play skateboarding because skateboarding giving me a joyful and excitement.

Me While Drinking

Here is my photo while I'm drinking a soft drink one of my crewmates took that photograph using my phone.

In The Tricycle Cab

While I'm riding in the tricycle cab I captured my skateboard. Behind the deck in the paper bag are some of my drinks I bought them in the grocery store before I go to our spot. Tricycle is our main transportation in our home town it has a single motorcycle with a sidecar and it has three wheels.

Half Cab Bigspin By Me

Bigspin is one of my mastery I can do this trick on the flat ground and I can drop this trick to a high platform.

Varial Flip By Me

Except for the Kickflip I can do a Varial Flip too and this flip trick is my second favorite trick. I can do this trick in the flat ground, drop and in.

Skateboard And The Sunset

After the whole day of play skateboarding, I dropped my skateboard on the ground and captured some photographs with the beautiful sunset.

P.S: I've been playing skateboarding since 2005 and start filming and editing in 2011. On TWS skate video you'll find a random of tricks and behind skateboarding, we are not pro skaters we just skate for fun and I really love this.

Stay safe, Stay home.

Thanks For Visiting My Article I appreciate Your Precious Time!

Best Regards, @toffer


#SKATEFORLIFE @toffer! We big boys know how to have fun! hehehe!

Awesome story and beautful photos bro! The "Skateboarding n' Sunset" photo is so beautful!

Hahaha yeah! men, we know how to have fun. Thanks for liking my photo much appreciated.

Nice pre! si kiray nagtatanong kanina san daw kayo naglalaro. hahahahha. baka ibabalik nanaman yung kickflip nya

Hahaha baka balak na naman maging direktor pre.

hahahha. Ibabalik daw nya yung kickflip sa hiniraman nya. hahahha

Hahaha hiniram nya kay bagoong.

hahah, bwisit na yan. ibalik na nya para di na mag boardslide ng nakakatakot si bagoong.