Ramp session

in SkateHive2 months ago

Good day everyone, 1 week ago I went for skateboarding in a small ramp in my school and I landed a couple of tricks that I had never landed before in a ramp. Also, I tried to get my 50-50 better.


I was wondering if your school was like some of the buildings in the Tony Hawks games where everywhere is a skate park, and then remembered there are also normal ramps XD

Nice, and love the ramp stack XD

Hahaha this made me laugh, by the way played the remastered new version?

Ok m still waiting epic makes some discount on it. Its still at full price after a year

I have not! Only games I've been playing lately are stuff with the kids so it's been Minecraft, board and card games and more recently roleplaying XD

Thanks! Almost everything can be skated, the only thing somebody needs is to be able to imagine ;)

And skill to pull it off which I don't have XD

Congrats man, solid tricks! Was @dikayskate filming and laughing? 🤣

As you can see yeah 😂. Also thanks for the support 👍

Improving and getting better is pure satisfaction. Enjoy it.

Greets from spain 🤘

Thanks a lot! :)

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