An Outsider Look at SPORTS


There are several hundred web sites that interact with the Hive Blockchain. To promote HIVE, I've been listing HIVE Related Sites on Internet Rivers and writing reviews.

For today's review I decided to look at Sports Talk Social which supplements HIVE rewards with the SPORTS token on posts with the #sportstalk and is one of the more popular niche sites on HIVE.

The price of a coin is determined largely by the circulating supply of coins. The tribe has issued over 100 billion of a possible 10 trillion coins. The massive supply, of course, dampers the price which had a high bid of 0.00024 when I wrote this paragraph.

That said, the tribe has a well distributed richlist. They have about 700 accounts with over 100,000 staked tokens and 1600 accounts with over 10,000 staked tokens.

This large distribution means that people who write relevant posts using the platform are likely to get upvotes and to walk away with a fist full of tokens.

The 24 hour trading volume of SPORTS was $274.38.

I noticed that many people using #actifit are using this keyword as well. Fitness is, after all, a form of sports.

The tribe appears to actively guard against tag spam. Several hundred spammers have earned a spot on the token's mute list.

Most of the posts are relevant to the tag. It is likely that they are downvoting people who abuse the tag.

Now Lets Talk Some Sports

To be a good netizen, I decided that I needed to write something about sports for this review. In anticipation of this review I drove up to the University of Utah and snapped some photos of the exterior of Rice Eccles Stadium which is home to the Running Utes of the University of Utah.

The U started its football program in 1907 playing on Cummings Field. The University built Utes Stadium in 1927.

Robert Rice, who was the founder of European Health Spas, was the primary donor for a major upgrade in 1972 and stadium took the name Rice Stadium.

When Salt Lake was selected as host for the 2002 Winter Games, the Eccles family stepped with $10 million in dotations to upgrade the stadium. This led to a rebranding as Rice-Eccles Stadium.

The stadium hosted the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the 2002 Winter Olympics and proudly sports the Olympic Cauldron for the game. Cauldron Park sports the cauldron along with a museum containing memorabilia.


The University Line of Trax provides convenient access to both the University and the Stadium:


This final photo shows a list of things that you are not allowed to bring into the stadium. They have a camera pointing at people who enter the stadium. I guess this way they can prove that you saw the sign:


My Strategy

In the name of transparency, I will admit upfront that I do not write about sports. While I believe that SPORTS is one of the best tokens, I decided not to accumulate the token myself. I will be accumulating STEM instead.

The final picture shows an underpass between the University and the stadium. I walked along this path hundreds of times when I was a student. Unfortunately, I had no money when I was a student and was never able to attend any games.



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