ULOGS: The Diary Game - A Rainy Day

in Ulogs5 months ago

The day started really cool today, with the early morning rainfall, that did not completely stop until around 3:00pm. The rain also took with it our power supply, meaning it was a cool, but lonely morning, especially with lock down in place today in my state of residence. There is really not much to report today, as a day in lock down is usually devoid of much action.

Being at home with my wife, we took to playing Ludo board game after we had breakfast of rice and stew, with hot beverage. The cool weather later drove me back to bed after mid day. Waking up later in the afternoon, the television was my companion as I resumed to the usual TV shows that grace our view every weekday evening. I will love to tell you a bit about the Ludo game, for those who are not conversant with it.

Ludo is a board game played between or among 2 to 4 players, each player choosing one side (or colour). There is a total of four sides on the board, making it a maximum of four players at a time. Each side also has four tokens to it. The basic idea of the game is for each token to travel round the game path, and reach the last checkpoint (the square at the center of the board), or kill another player's token in the process of traveling.


The movement of the tokens is determined by the outcome of two fair dice thrown on the board. The numbers displayed on the dice indicates the number of spots a token can move in the forward direction. First of all, only a throw of 6 on any or both of the dice takes the token out of the house, to begin movement.

A token that successfully travels round the board without getting killed completes its journey, and can step out of the game. A token can also complete its own movement when at a last count, it falls on another player's token. The victor steps out of the game, while the victim token returns home to restart the journey. The first player to take all 4 tokens out of the game wins that game.

Although the game play might have slight changes in other parts of the world, this is how it is played in Nigeria. Thank you for reading my ulog today. See you again tomorrow.