in CENT2 months ago

The sea that Manfee often shows
It is easy to evaporate
They did not know well.

You have to pay close attention to the direction of the arrow
I was weak for four points
Your trip is ...
It did not grow as much as I expected.

This summer is almost too late
It is very easy to burn
For the sake of desire
I could not make the butterfly smooth.

Because deer are born and eat tigers
Some of the losses are ridiculous
What's wrong ...
Your smile was so sweet that I could not cry.

The chest is a forgotten life
Remember ...
The night I knew that romance was not sweet
I cried in a dream.

It penetrates the skin
Here are some of the bitter ones:
With a hint of pride ... myself
The curtain was set down.

To honor zero
I don't want my dreams to last long
Before the red card is shown
We will worship only the ego
Love and pride are gone
It was not a story.