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Hi, I'm @ahmetay. With this account, I curate certain tribes. I stake my token revenues in these tribes. Sometimes I buy and stake. There are 3 of these tribes for now. These are: Broadhive, Sportstalk and Centblog.


BHT POWER: 22,000
I am among the top 10 stakers in the Broadhive Community. That was my goal anyway. That's why I've reduced staking for now.

I continue to stake Sports. Because 315,000 SPORTS POWER is still too few for this tribe. Sports is my field of interest. I will continue for this.

CENT POWER: 1,200 is a new tribe. I am currently in the top 10 among the stakers. But a lot can change in a short time. I will continue to buy and stake to maintain this status.

The number of Tokens I Stake are always integers. That's because I think I'm obsessed with symmetry. I don't like cursing. 😀

Bye now.


Enjoy some !PIZZA just for Staking #CENT √ very wise indeed!



@taseli! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @andy4475.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (4/10)

Great tribes to hold. Recently added cent too. The Broadhive team seem to be poor on feedback or am the only one not seeing it. Will love to buy more but a little skeptical.

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Broadhive executives said they were delivering their training. It gives good signals. But for now we wait.

How did get to receive such information as I seem to be the only one in the dark here?

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Great. Thanks for link

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