AskHive: What are the last three things you bought online?

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Market research 'for a friend', disguised as a shitpost. What are the last three items you bought online?


With only food stores open in the UK at present, I suspect online purchasing has soared. Amazon seem to be going great guns, although I'm not sure about working conditions. The orders I've made come with a note relating to prioritisation of importance, and although I wouldn't class these items as critical, most have arrived in a day or two anyway.

My last three purchases, which have all arrived in the past week, are:

Hot and Cold Pack

Woman not included

After jumping around barefoot like an idiot for a week or two, my knees decided that was enough and both Medial Collateral Ligaments (inside of knee) started to get really sore. I was thinking about getting a hot/cold knee brace but they were more expensive than the pack, and what if they didn't fit right?

I've used it cold a few times after exercise and it seems to help. I guess the pack could work as a hangover cure too....

Resistance Bands

Spotting the theme yet? These are supposedly great for strengthening the knee and surrounding muscles. However, I've not given them a go yet as they only arrived yesterday and I'm waiting for my virtual pink-pants wearing instructor to give me some exercises to do, with the bands.

Deep muscle massage Foam Roller

Probably my favourite purchase in a while and I've used it every day since it arrived a week or so ago. There are dozens of these available but I got sucked in by variety of bumps. The reviewers also said it was sturdier than others they had bought which had cracked under the weight of their thunder thighs.


Initially it hurt to use and I found the knobbly section too much for my calves. There were either super sore I've gotten used to it now and reckon that for less than 15 quid it's well worth it.

Alright, what's been on your online shopping list of late?



  1. Hive tokens, sure why not.
  2. Camera magic tripod arm. From China. Expected sometime next year.
  3. A new bike for my sons birthday. Would have preferred to kick some tires .

Number on should probably be on my list, I forgot about digital currencies :/

Good luck on that delivery!

What was the issue with buying a bike online, apart from it likely arriving in bits and not being tweaked for first use?

The Hive was the first crypto I bought with real money. Everything else was earned on steem/Hive. I think I really believe in Hive future.
For the bike I worry that he may not like it without a test drive and it's weight is a bit of a concern other than that I look forward to the father/son project of putting it together.

I don't trust online vendors, so I hardly buy "physical" items. So all my purchases have been electronic or crypto. So yeah, the last things I bought online are;

  • Hive tokens
  • Vite coins
  • Splinterlands monster pack for 2000DEC

Fair enough!

Hopefully your trades do well, HIVE dipping today while STEEM pumped (and got sold off again.

Not bought many cards of late but still playing most days.

Yeah noticed the dip. I'm hoping Hive can get to 5cents for me to buy like 1000 with my 200Steem coming on Thursday(power down) but with the way people are buying everything up, I doubt we'll get there.

5 cents sounds low but who knows in this game.

Yeah. It is very unlikely but the game is all speculation, so who knows?

Face masks
Evening dress

Can you ship some of those to the Nation Health Service here, they seem to be woefully short of gear at present :(

An evening dress, in advance of those summer evenings we are going to get to spend time in?

The evening dress was for my daughter's prom.

The face masks are available easily online from literally hundreds of vendors in Thailand. UK shortages are a political choice, sadly.

If anyone wants to buy, tThe crowd I'd recommend is called Flying Squirrel Outfitters. You can find them on facebook. They can ship anywhere globally with DHL in under a week. It is truly absurd that we have no shortages, while so-called developed countries are suffering.

We also have drive thru covid testing for $60 - results within 5 hours. Only 2500 cases and only 43 deaths, despite 300,000+ chinese from Wuhan & surrounds being here for Chinese New Year. Why? We've all been wearing masks since January. Heavy fines for going out without one.

Thanks for the info. Still no compulsory mask wearing in the UK, and I'm not sure it will ever be enforced.

Test are taking an age to sort out too, I'm more likely to have one at work before anything else.

I hope your daughter likes her dress and has an awesome Prom!

The Prom will be a Masked Ball, when it finally happens. At least we have THE dress.

  1. Inflatable swimming pool - summer is coming 😁
  2. Fashionable face masks a friend was selling
  3. Seedlings for the garden

I really had to think. Seems I'm doing more shopping online when there's no lockdown... Guess i'll fix this and spend some money tomorrow 😂

A nice collection there and I'm loving the inflatable swimming pool, although I'm not sure one would fit on my balcony :)

I've seen a few Bitcoin face masks being advertised on Hive, what pattern/style have you ordered?

Been happy with delivery time and the products I've bought online so far, could get used to it.

I wouldn't know how to survive the summer without my swimming pool. Lakes or rivers I can swim in are pretty far off, and I really need the water. the swimming pool is to small to actually swim in, but I'm happy as a fish just lying in there 😁

I'm normally quite of an online shopper, especially since my back surgeries have limited my ability to go out and drive somewhere, or to carry stuff. (+ I'm also pretty lazy, 😂.) Online shopping is just so easy.

The face mask is made out of retro-pattern fabric. I didn't really want/ need one, I seldom go out anyway, but I wanted to support my friend... end they were really cool

For me:

  • A amd 5700XT GPU
  • alphacool eisblock gpu waterblock and backing plate
  • Exode Starterpack and boosters

Planning on more game-time then? :D

I keep meaning to look at Exode, sounds like my sorta game.

Yeah I'm running a 5 year old well thrashed GTX 980 TI. It's done well but it's starting to struggle with some beefier games. I've kinda put off upgrading due to the expense and the amount of work rejigging my watercooling.

I've had a set of those bands for a while, well not that actual brand but similar, they are awesome, you won't look back!

I've also got that same ice pack which is great too, and a foam roller, not as flash though.

All great products.

Good man! I'm going to give the bands a go tomorrow, already used the roller today and found you can stick it on a chair when lounging on the settee and work those calves :D

Those rollers are evil things. Painful.

Enjoy the bands, I'm a real convert!

  1. Groceries
  2. A pair of running shoes
  3. Bluetooth Headphone

Seems like the 1 and 3 were good investment whereas shoes is not needed for sometime because we are in lockdown

Food is one thing I use as an excuse to go out, seeing as I have no dog :)

I got some Bluetooth headphones a few months ago, so much better than wires!

I need a bluetooth headphone ! any recommendation under 100$ ?

I am using Boat Rockerz, its in India which is around 30$.

Looks like I can find something similar to that. Thanks !

Yes you can :) So let us know if you find something

1 guitar chords
2 video games
3 bike insurance. (lol)

Plenty of home-time to put into an instrument, fair play.

Games yep, got to have some games although I've not bought anything new in a while. My bro is pestering me to get Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, and to be fair it does look pretty sweet despite being in early release.

I am balls deep in VR nowdays can't get myself playing desktop games anymore. But it is so addicted lol. And I was of those that said that vr would suck. The good thing about vr is you can't play more than a couple hours per day so I tunnel my creativity way more productive than playing games.

My suggestion for you and your bro wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to release and go for that one. It is going to be epic.

Have you got an Oculus VR headset? What games are you playing?

Will mention Cyberpunk 2077 to him.

I got the index 3 days after Half Life:Alyx was announced and the game was included with the kit.
But I found a lot of interest in a game called paradoodle which is a drums simulator and it helps me practice some rhythm theory in vr with them which is really convenient as I cant afford the space or the noise to actually get drums at my home at this point. Maybe in the future my dream is to be able to afford to build a personal mini studio.

Splinterlands cards

Digital assets galore, I have a little of all of those too :)

Hmmmm.....tomatoes, bar soap and pencils. That's not a very exciting list, but that's what I've recently purchased.


They all sound fairly essential though, cheers :)

on the line latest purchases
steemmonster cards
vape nicotine

Vape juice was one of my recent buy too, actually a bit cheaper online as well but I liked supporting the local store.

BTC, I'm up to .17 at present :D

Deep muscle massage Foam Roller
I need something like that for my back. Any recommendations on brand or distributor?

The 3 things I bought were:

  1. Pre-ordered iPhone SE as it’s the only iPhone I can afford now, and a good replacement for my current iPhone that’s almost not working.
  2. Magnformers set (magnetic toy blocks) - Birthday present for my son.
  3. Groceries

I'm lazy and so use Amazon for most buys and usually take some time looking through the reviews. I think it's best not to go for the cheapest ones, they seem to crack.

I recommend an Otter Box for your phone, it's saved mine countless times!

Magnetic blocks, oh to be a lad again :)

Cool, thanks for the advice.

O, I’ll need to check out the otter box. Cheers


You have just been bro-fisted by the guys in the man cave and now have 1 more BRO. Enjoy!**

For more info, please give us a look in here:

  1. NES Retro gameboy
  2. Pj's
  3. Nootropics lol

PJs, handy when you are at home all.. year :D

It's a good business especially now, just saying :D

  1. New summer tiers for my car
  2. New cloths since the store were going out of business and had 50% off
  3. New running shoes

Clothes... yeah, I struggle buying those online but may need to go that route soon if the shops don't open.

Running shoes, to get up the stairs quicker? :)

  1. Screen Protector for my phone
  2. Xbox One This wasn't for me
  3. Treadmill This also wasn't for me

Seems like you spent all your cash on others! Good buys all round though :)

Yea, terrible time to have spent buying other people stuff(all were purchased before covid was a big problem).

Ahh, damn. At least they'll be getting good use out of the Treadmill.

Yup, I get a daily log of how much running they do sent to me

Post on actifit/sportstalk and start clawing the investment back? :)

Got a long way to go to get it back. But I might do it again. Incentive to start being active inside my house again.

  1. A book
  2. A mini drill
  3. Another book.


A good time for Home DIY I guess :)