No Man is an island

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The concept of being independent is a very interesting one but it doesn't truly exist or it is not being fully practised. How can you say you are independent if you can't make your own sun? , I guess that's a little bit much but sincerely no one is an island.

It's possible that you may think that in a particular scenario, u may feel like don't need anyone but in life you always need someone. Even the world richest man needs the smallest of its staff in order for his day to go right.

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Some may dispute that the example is wrong, that only the staff needs the wealthiest man but that's not entirely true. It's true that the staff might entirely depend on the salary gotten from the boss to take care of himself along with his household But the richest man also needs the service the staff is offering him.

I feel this could better be understood using a business organizations structure as an example. For instance, the company has a CEO and organizations has staffs such as accountants, managers, customers representative and of course salesmen.
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Each all has specific function/duties performed in order to make sure that the organisation stands out and thereby makes profits. The CEO won't be the salesman and in rare cases where the CEO is also the folder of all this post together, he still has to depend on people to patronise and want his products or services.
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This applies in football too, it's common to see clubs thinking of themselves as an island and they do not depend on any other team but that's a lie. Sports teams need the money and even though u don't need any players in another team, u sell your own players to another team for wealth creation. That still means that you depended on another team for money.
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I hope we all learn to tolerate and never berate anyone regardless of them feeding of you because at the long run if you critically examine the relationship well, you will come to a conclusion that you both are depending on one another


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