Showcase-sunday: A Let's Kick it History(Rebrand)

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Ohoi fellow show-offs! Today I'm back again with yet another showcase-sunday edition. This time we take it back to my much younger days in which soccer was without a doubt my favorite sport to watch and take part in. Quite some stories to tell, enjoy these extracts, I had originally posted in a comedyopenmic contest.


Soccer is the most popular sport in the World and at this point, it has practically become a cult in which top players/sponsors get filthy rich for keeping us on the edges of our seats. Sports channels too get to rake in millions from every big game and fans get the perfect excuse to drink the night away.

They get to discuss which player/team is better, who cheated and who helped them cheat by presenting arguments that are only based on convenience, arguments that sometimes lead to pointless violence.

Why is it the older we get the pettier we get?

Football Children Sports - by Sasint -, CCO

Amazingly enough, most of those habits started kicking in while we were still young and innocent, when status or money didn't determine who could attend but all that mattered was having a ball, a net 2 poles 2 rocks and pride in the injuries that came with the game. What can I say? We were just a crazy bunch addicted to the game.

Needless to say that all involved parties have been frustrated since this pesky lockdown started and are in dire need of their next dopemine hit. Glad I'm no longer part of them, unless of course we also count basketball fans. Crap.

Anyways, that's neither here or there, onto the meat and potato of this post, some of the variations of soccer we used to enjoy.



  • Streets or School.


The rules of the game are simple:

  • Don't expect fouls to be signaled.(unless extreme)

  • The game ends when the ball owner says so. Pray he's not a sore loser.

  • Once appointed as goalie then goalie you probably always will be. For a slim chance to play in a different position, bribe the captain/ball owner or the top player with some food or something to drink. I'd recommend the finest candy around.

  • Ball owner can add new rules anytime and can decide whether an existing rule is to be acknowledged or not.


  • Fun.
  • Alliances are made.
  • Stories to tell future generations are born and their exaggerations are cemented in history.



  • School or Streets. Why we mostly played this one at school still baffles me. Smh


There are a bit more rules for this one but they are easier and faster to understand:

  • Don't let the ball pass between your legs.

  • If the ball passes between your legs all participants can punch you in the back(And anywhere else if it's by accident.) until you're able to touch the designated tree/post.

  • The intensity of the punches depends on the puncher's mood.

  • Basically if the ball passes between your legs you're f*cked. Train your acceleration for when such a scenario is put into motion.

  • If ball has passed between your legs and you assumed you could hide amongst students who are not playing, then I'm afraid you already got snitched on and whomever seating next to you has been polishing his punching skills.

  • So you were able to avoid the mob hit and recess is now over? Don't worry, sooner or later you must come out and they'll be waiting for you!

  • Cheer up, soon you get to exact your vengeance on another unfortunate schoolmate.


  • Unnecessary extra scars and bruises.
  • Detention if caught.
  • Temporary loss of friends.



  • Unknown


Sinabyaye directly translates to "I haven't birthed", let's call it "I have no kids." Please make your own deductions from that information.


  • Street cred.


Turns out we were never as innocent as I believed, sad. Anywho, after all that reminiscing I think I'll catch a few games of the World Cup.(hadn't watched a full game in months, maybe even a year plus) I'm giving Brazil another chance, don't you dare break my heart again.

I didn't watch that many games, and I shouldn't have given Brazil another chance.

Children Football River - by sasint -, CCO




I was never much of a game player, and rubbish at most games that involved a ball (apart from rugby)!

Ive also tried rugby a few times.... I was really bad it. lol

cheers for passing by