Global Blacklist for Tribes?

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For several months now I have been working as a referee for the Sports Talk Social tribe.

It is a great place where you can post, converse, and share your love of sports. If you enjoy sports and you haven't checked it out, you definitely should.

With the advent of #newsteem and the death of bidbots, unfortunately users have found new ways to abuse the system. We I first started being a "Ref", I thought it was going to be people plagiarizing or incorrectly sourcing images.

Sadly, I am beginning to find that it is much more than that. Vote farms, comment farms, circle jerking, and tag abuse are just a few of the major issues that have come to light.

The sad thing is, it isn't just the Sports Talk Social tribe that this is happening in. It almost seems that the people who are perpetrating this abuse just move from one tribe to another milking it for all it is worth. Once they get caught or banned, they move along to the next tribe and start all over again.

There are some referee's that put a ton of time and effort into tracking down each of these abusers. I do the best I can, but I really want to commend those on our team that go above and beyond. Referee's are voted for based on stake so that users of the platform get to have a say in who they want to be officiating.



Sports Talk Social has some agreements with other tribes like Actifit and Dlike so that users can cross post their content on both platforms (the sportstalk tag gets added automatically). This has made it difficult as a ref because some users don't realize in the process of spamming the Dlike or Actifit tribe they are also spamming ours.

More recently, some of the leadership of these other tribes have reached out to us to have us ban or "bench" known abusers to them.

Users are typically given warnings so they can change their behavior before we take action to bench them.

Something Global

I think it would be really cool if the tribes could work together in some way to create a sort of Global Blacklist of users that are known to abuse the system. This might give the moderators and officials of each tribe a way to keep an eye out for should they start hopping and doing the same thing.

I know some platforms just don't care. The curation rewards are too good for them to question the abuse that is going on. I also understand there is a fine line between blacklisting and censorship or witch hunting.

The worst thing would be for STEEM to become a victim of something in the vein of "McCarthyism"

What do you think? Should there be more collaboration between tribes to cut down on abuse or do you think that is against the spirit of STEEM?

I'd love to see a healthy conversation about this in the comments!


Sports Talk Social - @bozz.sports

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Check out the Tweet of this post here:

There is a global blacklist by @themarkymark. If you create your own list you could get linked in with it.

Good to know! Thanks!

All tribes are on the Global Blacklist, but there is no interaction between tribes. I have asked about this before when I first setup STEMGeeks but I believe there has been no progress on this.

You can view a tribes muting by going to:

Awesome, thanks for the information! Silly me I never realized this was available. It would be cool if there was more interaction between tribes. Like I said, the abusers just move from tribe to tribe like locusts. It isn't a good look for the blockchain.

most tribes really don't blacklist much or do much moderation.

Gotcha, I can see the benefits and drawbacks of both approaches.


Absolutely agree and great idea but it's going to be difficult to pull it off. I think using the global blacklist would be a great start but a lot of other tribes simply don't seem to give a damn in fact some probably encourage it as they chase curation rewards.

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Yeah, good points. It really is in the best interest of the tribes to keep things as fair as possible.

Actifit is an awesome project i support and delegate to but i no longer post my daily activity here. Seems to clog up my feed - does anyone actually read them? I am sure people are loving that they now gets sports tokens for these posts aswell!!

I have a handful of people that I follow and I read their actifit posts. It has been slowly growing. I try to put at least three or four paragraphs of content and an original photo with mine though. Sometimes there just isn't anything to say. I try to keep that rare though. We have had the discussion about what value the posts actually have, and it is still up in the air, but ultimately the idea that the proof of activity is what holds value has been widely accepted.

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Although I think it will benefit the Blockchain, the chances for this to happen are slim to none. Tribes have different rules and not everyone cares. Some chose to reward only those who respect their rules and let cheaters unpunished. Others are banning cheaters.

I don't see how tribes can work together. A few may and will but not all.

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Sadly whatever changes happen people will find a way to abuse them including tribes in fact I am sure some tribes actively promote the ideal of circle jerking I won’t join any tribe the enforces or requests you must vote on all tribe or community posts I like to vote and enjoy posts I like not just because their in a circle I am in

But then against n I have never been strategic in my voting or commenting for max return maybe that’s not good but it’s the way I am

I think some circle jerking happens organically. Ultimately it is my vote though and I can use it however I want.

Yes thats the way I am , of course there is circle jerking everywhere, and thats fine of course, where i wont go is for example on group I was invited to and part of the invite was telling me I must vote on certain posts each day, no thanks thats not for me

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There are several solutions.

1 closed groups: Make a fixed post explaining the rules. Rule 1 apply on discord or you will be voted by nosports4u (or whatever you call it) Rule 2 break rules and you will be voted by nosports4u.

  • Check post history and discord servers of cleaners (if they have a havit of arguing with steemcleaners, be wary)
  • only invite active users who look like they are generally interested in sports. There is nothing wrong with asking for a sample before admitting members, or more if you aren't impressed.

Good ideas. We do have something in place like your first point. The refs themselves have pretty much no ability to remove rewards unless they use their personal accounts. If four refs downvote the same post then the main voting account removes the rewards.