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I tell everyone that I can, real life first. The internet and this community will be here regardless of what’s going on so take care of yourself and family first. I haven’t been able to catch all your posts lately but hopefully your dads doing ok through this, I know it was challenging several weeks ago.


Thanks mate, I'm ok. I just need 24 hours off from posting. I'll be back later today, possibly with a Grouchy Lego post or some such to lighten the mood.

Yeah, dad is still hanging in there. Has lost 9kg in the last 3.5 weeks and has a leg wound that won't heal. They are saying a blocked artery but he refuses to go to hospital and no one can force him. It's the dementia speaking, but I don't blame him. At his age and with his complications I wouldn't go either.

The situation is taking a predictable path.

Anyway, thanks for your message. I'll see you around soon.