2020 Car Becomes 2021 Car

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The 2021 car is now the 2022 car as no changes for 2021 now as this years car will remain the same.

2021 was the season of big change for Formula One. New car designs, bigger wheels and most importantly all the budgetary constraints.

The car designs were going to improve driving more competitively and to make overtaking a simple thing. The idea of using the slip streams and not being caught up in the dirty air disappeared with the current designs. Unless you have the straight line speed you have no chance these days and late breaking was the only way.

This season could be a rough season or everyone involved as teams sponsors normally work on a lap ratio for payments. Less races mean less laps so a smaller payment for advertising costs. This doesn't necessarily mean that the teams will spend less as the costs remain roughly the same for each team.

This year is the first year that a budget cap is in place and being the first year there will be some mistakes. I predict some on purpose and some genuine depending on which teams are involved as boundaries are always pushed. This season is not going to be a great test though as most teams should not have a problem as Monaco has already been cancelled until next year.

Monaco unlike the other tracks is a genuine street circuit and the residents know each year when the race is taking place. Just making another date and closing the streets down for a few weeks whilst everything is being prepared is a non starter. Singapore may have similar issues, but being a night race may be able to get away with this.

Originally this season was meant to have 22 races plus a summer break in between at the half way point. The summer break is going to take place now and not in August which is common sense on our current situation. Delaying and losing any more time will be too costly and time needs to be caught up whenever the green light is given. I would hate to be involved with the logistics when this happens as containers are normally sent months in advance which wont happen now.

The summer break has a law where teams are not allowed to work on or touch a Formula One car at all for a mandatory 3 week period. This is to ensure that no teams use this period to gain any advantages over their rivals. Having the break now doesn't really benefit anyone now as they haven't even tested their cars out to the maximum capabilities yet.

I am curious to see the lap times as this car is going to be the same car next season as well. The forced changes were put on hold making the 2020 car which was the 2019 car also the car for 2021. The times should tumble as now they have something constant to work on. Whoever gets it right this season surely will win next season as well.

Mercedes have the DAS system which was passed for this season and now must have a chance of being allowed for next season as well. Originally the FIA only permitted it's use for 2020, but the argument is surely there for it's use in 2021 now. Amazing how something that was thought to be a one season wonder could be a two year genius stroke of technology.

Whatever happens this year I do expect some races at the back end in a fast and furious shortened season that puts Mercedes in the driving seat yet again.

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