Another Cover Up About To Blow Up

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The start of the Formula One season in Melbourne is just over a week away and there is already unhappiness amongst the various team camps. Last Friday the FIA released a statement saying the inquiry regarding Ferrari has been settled internally.

For those of you that follow Formula One Ferrari were accused in an around about way of cheating by doing something illegal with regard to burning fuel at a higher rate bypassing the fuel sensors governing and restricting the flow of fuel.

Honda and Red Bull had written to the FIA asking leading questions directing the FIA into the direction they thought the foul play was. The clamp down happened without much ever coming out. Ferrari's paced slowed back down to what it was prior to them winning races and the FIA changed the laws regarding fuel flow with an extra sensor coming into play.

Every time something happens with technical information and updates teams are the first to know. Information is shared so there is no benefits to any one team and everyone knows where everyone stands.

The 7 teams out of the loop of information say they strongly object to the report stating that the FIA has cone to a private settlement with Ferrari over the 2019 engine. The only teams who haven't protested are Haas and Alfa Romeo who have a contract with Ferrari as they are their engine suppliers.

Teams are having to guess right now ,but no private settlements over a serious breach should be covered up. If it was nothing then the FIA would have no problem releasing the information so this makes it even more damning of a possible cover up.

Would Jean Todt who was the Ferrari Team Principal release the information that would possibly show them in a bad light and heavens forbid cheating.

The head of the FIA is a certain Jean Todt who was the head of Ferrari before taking the position at the FIA. It is in his interests to protect his previous employers by cutting a deal possibly but this is not going away and is going to escalate. There cannot be a rule for one team and a set of rules for everyone else.

The FIA has always had their favorites whether it was Alain Prost because he was French and the then FIA was run by a French president. This is damaging the sport and no one person or team is above the law. Jean Todt will be in an untenable position if he is covering up and a possible overhaul will be needed by the governing body.

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