Censorship Has Created No Back Up Plans

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The Chinese Formula One Grand Prix has been postponed or cancelled but I would say cancelled more like it. We are all living outside the Chinese bubble and don't really know how bad it really is. The Chinese media will no doubt have censorship and having tabs kept on them keeping the story in house. This would have delayed the thought process of Liberty Media as the race could have been cancelled and changed to alternative dates weeks ago.

I was reading @mobbs post which highlights what is actually going on and this is really scary stuff. We are in the second week of February and realistically this could go on for some time and escalate into something far more than we could ever imagine.
This is something you have to read if you haven't seen it.

The Grand Prix was scheduled for April the 19th which is two months away yet deep down we know this could be still a huge problem.I think this highlights the uncertainty of this virus and how bad it could still become.

Losing one Grand Prix is actually nothing compared to how bad this really could be.
I think Liberty Media have missed a huge potential and possibly still could do something. Instead of losing $35 Million which is what it is predicted then maybe doing a pop up race in Paris,London or New York could be something that they should have as back up.

The last time a race was nearly affected was the Japanese Grand Prix last year when Typhoon Hagibis nearly stopped that one.This is the first race I know that has been stopped due to something else though. Surely the smart thing to do is to have an alternative spare date in the first and second halves of the season for things we have no control over.

I think this as being the first race being cancelled going forward there is room for improvement in the planning department. i don't blame Liberty for this right now as we honestly don't know what information they were fed up to the point of cancellation. The truth is no one really knows how long this virus could linger around for as it could be weeks or months. The rest of the world has no clue what is really happening as we can only guess.


The entire Chinese economy has been cancelled. There is almost zero economic activity

It is really bad and didn't realise that people are basically prisoners in their own homes.

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