Change Of Heart And A Second Chance

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Last month I wrote a post about referee Bobby Madely and how badly he was treated. He is or was a professional football referee in the English Premiership. This was his full time job and source of income and the reasons behind his suspension was more than questionable.

Whoever took a joke that was a personal joke between friends and made more of it needs their head read. I know I have said far worse and I am sure 99 percent of us have or thought along similar lines. His comments were after seeing an old lady with a stick that he had a chance of winning his kids school parents race the next day. That is funny and nothing out of the ordinary, this guy is normal.

Yesterday the Board that suspended him has removed the ban and he is welcomed back into the fray next season. He is only allowed to start in League One and League Two which is a slap in the face still considering he has been refereeing in Norway trying to stay busy.
He was made fun of by being called Blobby Madely after the cartoon character Mr Blobby. This was why he made a joke about running as according to others he was overweight.

What I would like to know is who gets to make these decisions as you are playing with someones livelihood. I am happy for him as it is a move in the right direction ,but he still has to be promoted up the ladder and the crowd running the referees seem to have an ego issue.

This has been highlighted by VAR when we can see that it has been called incorrectly yet they still back the referee on most of the instances. This is not about embarrassing or undermining their authority, but more about making the right decision. This time the right call to a degree has been made, but in my opinion 18 months too late as it should never of happened.

Bobby Madely apologized at the time yet they still kicked him in the teeth.I can guarantee you what he did was out of total innocence and never meant anything by what he said. The problem is that everyone wants to be prim and proper and that isn't normal.

I just wish he had gone to another country where football was a bigger sport and he would have been appreciated joining another league with open arms. Norway is not exactly a football hub and I am sure he is grateful for them allowing him to assist.

If I was Bobby right now I would keep my mouth shut and keep my head down and do my utmost to get back into the elite panel that are in the Premiership.It would be great if he officiated for Norway in some capacity as an international referee and shoved two fingers at the FA, but that will never happen.

The Referee Association will run the referees, but the FA runs the entirety of Football in England and when something like this happens someone needs to make a stand.The way it is being done right now just seems so amateurish in their thinking and believe this is the main problem. The FA and the Football Players Association should have got involved and nipped this in the bud when the story first appeared. The problem with people in power is they only think of themselves and not for what the power should really be used for and that is helping and protecting others.

You just have to look at who is making the calls and wonder how these people weaseled their way into those roles. Most of them will be yes men and why things are never done correctly. I have only met one Premiership referee and I am not joking he was scared of his own shadow. He came to our meeting to ask for advice on how we deal with rugby players who cross the line. It is no wonder players talk back to them as they are not respected in the slightest. I have said it before a rugby player will address you as sir (not a necessity, but they do) and will never argue back or swear at you.

Maybe one day it will be a respected profession with a fully functioning working VAR system that is 99.9 % correct. The man or woman with the whistle is more important than what we might all think.

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