FIA Banned DAS System For 2021 Within Hours Of Test

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FIA Head Quarters in Paris.

So the FIA have worked with Mercedes allowing them to develop the Dual Axis Steering that took all the other teams by surprise this year, but have banned it for next season. At least it is legal for this season and who knows what advantages it may bring.
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This system is so advanced and only being allowed for one season may prevent other teams from even trying it out. The steering wheel has to be fixed and here is the technical jargon which means absolutely nothing to me as way above my pay grade.

"the re-alignment of the steered wheels… must be uniquely defined by a monotonic function of the rotational position of a single steering wheel". This is from article 10.5 published late last year and has had it's wording changed.

Personally I think it is not about just the tyre wear that Mercedes can benefit from, but it raises possible safety fears with the FIA. Drivers are already doing more than most with the buttons on their steering wheel like changing the braking set up before and after certain corners. We are all taught to keep our eyes on the road and now you have drivers at high speed doing a short text message with code.

I think it goes to show you how these teams think and nothing is untouchable or impossible. Mercedes did this the right way working within the parameters set by the FIA. I am sure if they hadn't of worked with them they would have banned it outright this season. Possibly there can be a spin off withing the letters of the law I don't know and I am sure they will be looking closely at that.Will this technology be sold onto the Indy car teams or another type of racing event. There has to be some benefit with saving the tread on the tyres so I am sure there are loads of interested parties.

This is a way different case than when Brawn came out with a unique diffuser which most teams were copying within weeks. This technology for one is hidden and not only very complex, but it would take months and months to get right. With The FIA already outlawing the DAS sysstem for next year is it even viable for teams to try and copy?

Teams have so much on their pate already with a total new car and set up for 2021 this would just be a distraction and not time well spent. This season will be all about improving what they have as a racing package ,but also about making sure they are ready for February testing next year.

The changes made are not just having larger tyres, but everything about down force and how the aero dynamics are created. Overtaking is being forced on the teams by changing wing shapes removing the dirty air from the cars behind. These are muddy waters for all the teams as the budgets have been slashed with possible penalty points imposed by those that break the bank.
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The budget cap is $175 Million per team and applies to anything regarding the car and racing. The cap excludes marketing costs,the drivers salaries and the top 3 personnel in the team. That would most likely include the Operations Manager/Team Principal like a Toto Wolff of Mercedes and the top technical engineers and developers. Hamilton is reportedly asking $48 Million per season which I am sure he will get as he does loads of marketing for Mercedes being their go to man for adverts.

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