Maybe All Sportsmen Are Just Plain Thick

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Nothing had been pre planned. The players live in communes and 3 communes arrived at the park exactly at the same time.

I had a good chuckle at the expense of the Crusaders Rugby players caught training in a park. They said they were still sticking to the rules of staying a certain distance apart, but forgot one important thing. They were so many meters apart, but the ball they were throwing to each other was being handled by all of them.

Are they that stupid to not understand that the virus lives on surfaces and by passing a ball around if one had the symptoms they could possibly all get it now even thought hey were x amount of meters apart. Talk about being ignorant and stupid as they obviously didn't realise what they were doing.

Everyone else is abiding by the laws yet this lot are carrying on doing their own thing. Who wouldn't like to be out, but it is only 3 weeks so suck it up and lay low or it could be six weeks.

Munster released a video the other day which showed them standing in unison with the community, but also gave the wrong message. It showed a ball being passed around through hundreds of different people. I know it was a different ball most of the time ,but still it is so wrong as people don't think what the message really is.

Common sense is the only way and not touching things others touch and wearing protective gloves. The other day I went to the shop and was one of a few who had gloves and a mask. Yes your hands get sprayed before you enter the shop but what are you touching inside the shop. Fridge door handles, trolleys, baskets and possibly the banking machine at the end.

Lately I have been leaving my phone behind as I don't want to be answering a phone call when I am out as that would be crazy. I have had health issues in the past with a blood clot hitting my lung and I am not worried about this disease, but just being careful.I don't see myself as vulnerable, but then I have others around me who are so I need to be careful for them.

There is so much stupidity and naivety in the world right now and how dumb are the Americans sending their kids on spring break plus I saw Disneyland is still operating. Disneyland is allowing 1000 people in at a time but only for 90 minutes which is them justifying that they are doing something, but also being able to make money.Just because you are 18 or 20 doesn't mean you are invincible and they are just going to spread it even more.The only way to beat this right now is to be careful and not to travel and do things as you would normally do.

I have heard so many conflicting reports regarding the COVID-19 that I don't know what to think any more. Firstly it was a danger to the elderly, but that is known to be not true anymore as children as young as 8 have died. Some people could possibly have underlying issues that they don't even know they have so why take the chance and be stupid about this.

I expect South Africa to come out of lock down just at the wrong time as winter is now going to hit. The country cannot stay in lock down permanently so if this doesn't work then they are screwed. No one can afford to wait forever how long the vaccine takes to come out. Life has to continue just with a few more risks and using more common sense. I honestly don't see a right or wrong right now except for travelling across the country and entertainment businesses staying open which makes no sense to me and is asking for trouble.

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