Miracles Do Happen

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Good to see even though it is still a long road to full recovery.

About 10 weeks ago I wrote about Michael Fatialofa who was a rugby player who was paralised from the neck down. He was playing a club game and had literally been on as a substitute for less than a minute when he became injured. Bad luck and bad jojo for sure as no one deserves this.
He had damaged his spine and had surgery to remove the swelling causing the pressure. No one knew what the outcome would be but it wasn't looking great. Your hands are literally with the Gods as it could go either way. It was depressing seeing him in a wheel chair and his wife by his side. You do tend to think the worst when it comes to cases like this as recoveries are very rare and if they do they can take years.
That was 10 weeks ago and now he is up and about walking. The pressure has gone down relieving the stresses on his spinal chord and he got lucky. Not many people can recover from such a serious injury and walk and tell the tale. Michael has had all his prayers answered it seems as this is truly a miracle.

It wasn't long ago that everyone thought he would be in his wheel chair for life.

I do believe there is always hope no matter how bad everything may look and the world is against you. Michael knows he has a second bite at the cherry now and everyday will have special meaning more so than ever. I think anyone who has had a medical scare with life threatening implications change as that is natural. People change in their outlook on life and are more positive than people who haven't had such a scenario.

Just thought I would share this great story as I find them uplifting and makes me happy for him and his family. The world is not all about doom and gloom.

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