My Pet Hate In Sports

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Alosio learned the hard way and nearly died from chewing gum whilst playing sport.

I don't have many things that get me going in sport, but watching someone chewing on gum or bubblegum does. I think the one sport I can understand it being acceptable is cricket and only if you are batting.

The other day and this is what reminded me of how much I hate seeing it is when a rugby player was chewing gum. Not off the pitch, but whilst he was playing and is one of the most stupid and idiotic things I have ever seen in professional sport.

It is bad enough watching a footballer chewing gum as it is not a contact sport as such these days, but it should never be allowed on a sporting field in my opinion. A coach should no better than the player possibly and it should be banned outright.

It is rare that an adult can choke on chewing gum when swallowed as the trachea is normally wider than the gum but it has happened still. It is more of a concern for kids who copy their favorite sporting stars. The dangers are real and should be prevented by setting a better example.
Alosio learned the hard way and nearly died from chewing gum whilst playing sport.

A number of years ago one of the Vasco De Gama players swallowed his gum when playing football after he had been knocked unconscious. He had stopped breathing as the gum blocked his air passage.Luckily for him the doctor saw the gum blocking his air passage and removed it.

Playing rugby though whilst chewing gum is just irresponsible and dumb. If you have to chew then chew your gum guard as they come in a variety of flavors these days. They honestly do and remember mine which was made out of a hard rubber compound and tasted terrible.

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It is irresponsible for a player to be chewing gum when performing hard sports like football or rugby. It does not portray sportmanship