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The other day Bayern Munich, RB Leipzig, Borussia Dortmund and Bayer Leverkusen donated their television rights money to the other clubs struggling in the Bundesliga and the second division. It is not the amount, but the gesture as it is just over $25 Million or thereabouts.

I find it refreshing that clubs are stepping in to assist in a time of need. Then on the other hand I see clubs sending staff to claim from the government which will see them on 80 percent salaries. Liverpool was reportedly one of those yet they have had two record seasons back to back yet they do that.

I saw a report from the players association in England advising their players to see the clubs financials before accepting a pay cut. That is a disgusting and greedy attitude to even consider as I believe if you aren't playing yet have these high salaries you should be in a comfortable position to take a wage cut.

Barcelona accepted a 70 % wage cut this week after apparently rejecting an initial pay cut. The story is they first wanted to make sure that the Barcelona staff didn't take a pay cut as they wanted to protect them. The story is plausible and if correct commend them for this.

The Premier League Clubs in England had a meeting two days ago to discuss the way forward with wages top of the agenda. A wage or yearly remuneration cut by 30 percent was agreed by all players. This was on condition that the non playing staff at clubs remained on 100 % of their salary. That is fair enough and then why did Liverpool join the other clubs Tottenham and Newcastle in throwing their staff out to be paid by the government.

Surely Liverpool's weekly wage bill being reduced by 30 percent is enough to keep non playing staff in full pay. On their current wage bill that is more than £600 000 per week they are now saving.It doesn't make sense and the clubs should be not allowed to get away with this type of behavior. If a player is being paid $100 000 per week and is locked down at home and now only gets $30 or $40 000 what a shame.

Now compare that type of thinking and behavior to the four clubs from Germany and it tells you how they stand out and ooze class.

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that is what life should be. helping the needy in terms of their need

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