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Footballers wonder why they get picked on in times like now and it is rather obvious really. There is no sport on whatsoever so what are journalists going to write about. Papers need to be filled and stories need to be found.

When players say one thing and do something else it is an obvious story even if it doesn't have much substance ,but highlights hypocrisy. Many sports journalists around the world are under pressure to find stories or are having to create something for viewers to read. This is something many will be not that used to as sports were on all the time and this is not normal. Watch in a month or two how desperate the stories will become as they are already thin on the ground.

A few days ago Manchester City's Kyle Walker was caught out not adhering to social distancing. Talk about setting yourself up as earlier during the week he made comments that he was so proud of everyone obeying the guide lines. What did Kyle do next, but hold a house party. Of course no one is going to know and the paparazzi would never notice lol. Talk about a godsend for the journalists who found out as it filled their daily column without much work involved.

Kyle won't be the first or last with this as more will fall into the trap of doing whatever it is they will. When you are in the public eye you need to be squeaky clean and better than everyone else otherwise you will become a story. You will only find this happening in the UK mind you as most other countries don't really give a toss what the sportsmen are up to.

I find it quite pathetic that these players are put in celebrity status yet all they do is kick a ball around. Most of them have no clue what happens in the real world and as what Kyle walker has done shows he isn't the smartest cookie around either. This will all be forgotten in a few months time after he pays a club fine donating to a charity. It is idiots like him though who could cause the "lock down" to become a proper lock down and to be extended wrecking everyone's finances even more.

I just find it weird that some countries are having a proper lock down and others call it a lock down but to be honest all it means is they aren't going to work. What I have seen in the UK is that a majority see it as an extended holiday period and haven't grasped the extent of how serious the shut down is just yet. The longer this goes on the more financially screwed everyone is and the landscape will change drastically as many businesses will have to fold.

Last week in South Africa we had a business that has been around ever since I was around close it's doors permanently. The Group EDCON which is a clothing retailer with various chain stores lasted all of one week and must have been close to collapse before the virus hit our shores. I would hate to know how many jobs are going to be lost after this as I don't see how they businesses can just pick up the pieces.

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