Tottenham Still Training As A Team

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Technology has allowed us to do many things whether it is a board meeting with people dotted all over the world or if something like we are seeing right now. Everyone is in isolation right now but that hasn't stopped the Spurs players from linking up their cameras to a big screen so they can all train together.This was Jose Mourinho's brainwave and this is good thinking as he still manages to control his players whilst they are at home. Fitness helps prevent injuries and his team has no excuse now.
I am surprised more teams haven't gone this route and after seeing this i am sure many will over the coming weeks. Bayern Munich are out on the pitch in Germany training but keeping a 2 m gap between everyone. Still I suppose that has some risks as I know what it is like with team mates and it would be so easy to forget. This is just so unnatural it is not true.

Spurs have a modern stadium and someone is using and applying modern thinking even when it comes to training. Other teams have given their squad a training cycle to complete at home, but this is really hands on making sure your players are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Thinking they have got away from Mourinho for a few weeks or a few months has not happened lol.

Training on your own is not the same and Tottenham have now managed to make it more fun but still keep a competitive edge amongst the players. I wouldn't be surprised if they are one of the fittest teams in Europe when the season starts up. This is one area that was surely lacking before with the team as so many players were injured that it weighed heavily on the remainder of the squad.
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Spurs need to hit the ground running when they return to training and having to not worry about fitness the team can concentrate on ball skills instead. Going on a winning streak is now required to claim that all important 4 th spot for the Champions League for next season. The injured players should all be back so Jose will have a full squad to pick from. This forced break has benefited Tottenham more than the other teams as Jose didn't even have a proper team for the last few matches as everyone was out injured.

I couldn't miss this out as this was on the official Spurs twitter feed and how right that person was. You have spent a fortune kitting everything out but the people that count have been left to Government pay. I am sure they will do an about turn any day now like Liverpool have. That is the one area that has got to the players and I believe the players should step in if that needs to be sorted out.

Tottenham must have rising debt having built the stadium recently,but I feel for all the tenants that have premises inside as having no games doesn't give them any income either.I am having to negotiate my rent on my warehouse to see if the landlords will look favorably on me or not.

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I even also read somewhere also about Bayern Munich returning back to training but maintaining their social distance during the training ground