World Cup Proposal For Club Rugby

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Finally it has been revealed that discussions over a Rugby Club World Cup are happening to see how this can happen. The European Rugby Clubs are trying to formalize a plan to get this event off the ground. It seems a little odd as the Southern Hemisphere of SANZAR have been trying to get this off the ground for many years. Possibly they see this as an extra revenue stream as most clubs are stretched financially right now. In the past the European Professional Club Rugby (EPCR) obviously felt threatened and never even considered it.

I do believe that this has to happen over the next few years as localised club rugby has become rather stale. Currently there are competitions in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere that have run it's course and revamping creating interest is now required. It seems every year the same teams are in contention for the silverware.

The problem in the Southern Hemisphere right now with Super Rugby is that it is deemed one sided and unfair. Teams do not get to play each other and it depends what pool you are in. Some pools are weaker than others so a stronger team in a better pool doesn't get to go through to the knock out stages weakening the tournament. I would much rather see every team have the same chance by playing everyone involved.

Fan interest has waned and I say that as on a Saturday 20 years ago finding a male at the shops in South Africa was rare and now I even go shopping. I lost interest and the last game I attended was probably 13/14 years ago now. I found the quality had dropped and my interest in the competition dropped as well. The officials tried to include too many teams and those teams were not up to the standards required. Political meddling and greed killed the goose that laid the golden egg chasing the fans away.

This format of combining the seasons creating a Club World Cup will boost revenues and spark the interest again that has been lost. In all truth this should have been done 20 years ago but each Rugby Union wanted to hold on and keep what they had. Now the money has slowly disappeared they are prepared to come and negotiate.

I am hoping countries like the USA,Canada and Russia can create more awareness by growing a stronger club system. Club level is where the interest is gained and by being successful it will only benefit those countries at a national level. The USA Rugby is currently bankrupt as a result of poor governance and neglect with some poor decisions by not only them but the ones who control World Rugby. This is a chance they need to grow as a rugby playing nation and that should be the IRB's goal.

Any new change with an additional tournament is welcomed right now as I said Rugby has become stale and needs to find itself again with the supporters. Clubs like Saracens,Munster and Toulose would not dominate this event and would have to definitely strengthen their squads. Rugby in general will benefit as the standards will be raised yet again.

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