Football Sundays are back!!!

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I am so pumped that I can watch football this Sunday! It has been a very challenging year for me, and everyone else in the world basically. Nothing feels normal and despite everything I'm clinging to sanity LOL. I hope everyone out there is also doing ok.

In a world/year that has been chaos filled the fact that football returns tomorrow is a beautiful thing. Nothing beats just watching some sports and forgetting about serious stuff.

The only crappy part is every single commentator and every single commercial is going to talk about how racist the country is. Whatever man, people can judge me for getting annoyed by those commercials, how dare I?!?! Don't I know the struggles that black America faces every day? I'm so ignorant. Heaven forbid I find it insulting and a bit annoying that basically everyone is accusing white people of racism. The double standard and reverse ignorance is truly amazing, in a bad way. I mean I could rant about it but this is supposed to be a happy post LOL.

Anyway, the feeling of football returning is just awesome. The memories and joy that I get watching this awesome sport, that oh by the way is also being attacked because apparently it was a giant mystery that head collisions can cause brain damage and we needed a Will Smith movie to inform us all of that harsh reality. Like wow, thanks Will Smith for informing us!! (I hope you can detect my sarcasm) But just like hot dogs, I really don't care man. I don't care that hot dogs are made in a gross manner. In fact watching those videos about hot dogs were made, made me want a hot dog.

Nothing beats watching football on a Sunday. The beautiful strategy. The beautiful physicality. The amazing suspense of whether or not your team will pull out a win or not. Two minute drives are something I don't think another sport can replicate. Great food, being around family.

All the good seasons and holidays are during football season too. Halloween, Thanksgiving , Christmas, New Year's Eve and Day. I totally associate football with those great holidays. The seasons change in the best way too in my opinion during football season. The final days of summer, into fall and then winter. Followed by the Super Bowl which is still in winter, but you can also see spring on the horizon as well.

Man I can't wait to spend the day with my son too. Despite everything I will try to cherish and appreciate tomorrow. I will be spending it with my family at the flea market and then coming back home to watch football ALL DAY. America, baby. Maybe this will be the start of a new tradition, who knows.

All I know is that I am going to enjoy the day with my son, and my family while watching my favorite sport.

I hope that football fans can enjoy the games tomorrow as well!

Hive on!


Looking forward to a little football tomorrow too. I said the same thing about all the propaganda. I watched the Thursday night game, and couldn't believe how they went on and on with it. I'm somewhat of a supporter of the movement too, but that wasn't necessary at all. We're getting to a point in history where we can't get away from the propaganda. I'm tuning into football to watch football. I want to get out of my head for a bit. If I wanted 45 minutes of pre-game propaganda I'd tune into the news or God forbid go through my social media feeds. A simple five minute piece would of sufficed. The teams support the BLM movement, yada yada, now back to sports and what to expect this season. Anyway, great write up!

Cheers from Buffalo NY and enjoy the game! Go Bills!

Yeah at the end of the day Black lives matter, but like the sky is also blue ya know? Of course Black lives matter, it's just gotten crazy idk haha No doubt football should be an escape where everyone just enjoys a competitive game, like dang. Yes social media is just ridiculous usually, The shadow banning is what is really alarming to me in the past couple of years! Yes honestly the sheer amount of commercials is crazy, everyone knows nobody really watches regular TV nearly as much anymore, so I bet they crank up the propaganda as much as possible. Honestly, I want sports content and info I wanna get to know the players! It's so nuts lol Thanks man I appreciate the comment and compliment.

Cheers from Pennsylvania even though I'm a Titans fan in the middle of Eagles country. Go Titans! :) Enjoy your Sunday too!