My AFC North Pre-Season Record Predictions versus Reality - NFL

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Way back over the summer I began predicting how I thought the 2019-2020 NFL season would pan out. I literally went through week by week how each matchup would go. It was pretty tedious. It was pretty fun too!

Check out my predictions from a few months back here.

Now that the season is practically over, I thought I would be fun to see how accurate or in-accurate I was. You never know how a season will go year in and year out! I know I was way off on several teams. This should be interesting. I will use these posts I have written to hopefully be more accurate next season.

This post I will be talking about the AFC North Division.


Final AFC North StandingsReal RecordMy Pre-Season Prediction (Predicted Div. Placement)
1. Baltimore Ravens14-25-11 (4)
2. Pittsburgh Steelers8-87-9 (2)
3. Cleveland Browns6-1010-6 (1)
4. Cincinnati Bengals2-147-9 (3)

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1. Baltimore Ravens

Real Finish: 14-2, Division Champions.
My Prediction: 5-11, Fourth in Division.

I was dead wrong about the Ravens for sure! Even though I may have my doubts about Lamar Jackson's future and I think he's slightly over-rated... I can't lie he had a very special season in 2019! His play and ability to win games was definitely shocking for me!

He is not a tremendous passer, but he is good enough I will say. But when you combine his amazing ability to scramble and run the ball then his overall impact on the game can be deadly for the opponent.

I can see Lamar having a couple of more decent years but I worry about his longevity when it comes to like 7-8 years or more for his career. The Ravens overall are a good organization so that at least is a plus.

For the immediate future though in 2020 I expect the Ravens to be very good again next season.

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2. Pittsburgh Steelers

Real Finish: 8-8, Second in Division.
My Prediction: 7-9, Second in Division.

Well the Steelers were just about as good as I thought they would be.

But in reality this team had a decent year despite everything. They had a major injury at the quarterback position and through coaching and tremendous defense and team play that the Steelers are normally known for, they nearly snuck into the playoffs!

With a healthy and pretty motivated Big Ben at the quarterback position next year, I think the Steelers could be a playoff team again as soon as next season.

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3. Cleveland Browns

Real Finish: 6-10, Third in Division.
My Prediction: 10-6, Division Champions.

Well the Browns were not the team I thought they were capable of being in 2019. Honestly, like I mentioned with the Bears previously, I think much of the problem was coaching. But similar to the Titans with Mike Mularkey a few years back, the Browns wanted to give their former Interim Head Coach a legit chance even if he didn't seem qualified. It was a respectable thing, but it was probably not the wisest choice for the franchise.

I think Baker Mayfield still has a chance to be a quality starter. I think with the new coaching change, the Browns will be closer to the 2018 Browns, than the 2019 team.

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4. Cincinnati Bengals

Real Finish: 2-14, Fourth in Division.
My Prediction: 7-9, Third in Division.

Maybe I was brainwashed by Andy Dalton's earlier success in his career but I thought the Bengals would have a more respectable season than they did. But they sucked super badly in 2019.

I don't know where to begin with the Bengals, they need all the help they can get. They need to draft Joe Burrow and hope he's the next Peyton Manning. Burrow seems pretty solid.

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How do you see this division playing out in 2020? If we have a season... I am optimistic we will!


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