UFC 249 - Live sports at last!!!

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I have no idea how long it has been exactly since I have seen a live sport but all I know is that it's been too long.

I don't care if I sound like I am whining but I am not cool with losing my sports. I have not lived a long life but, my entire life I have been able to watch sports. The fact that both pro basketball and major league baseball have been put on hold this long is pretty stinkin' mind blowing. I think I will completely lose my mind if the NFL is cancelled or heavily postponed. This virus is total bull crap.

Tonight though, the UFC is the first to major sports organization that I personally care to follow and enjoy, to have the balls to put on their event! I seriously hope that the UFC can be the first domino of sports to fall and everyone can come out from under their blankets and start living normal life again.

In my opinion this lockdown has gone on entirely too long for healthy individuals. That's a different post though.

Tonight is about pure joy and watching a violent and intense and beautiful sport go on, LIVE. Exactly as every human should be able to.

Every single fight on the fight card tonight is absolutely awesome. I am not even going to get into every single one, although they are all worthy of in-depth content. I am just going to enjoy this night of live competition.

But here are some of the fights that really intrigue me upon first glance:

  • Bryce Mitchell versus Charles Rosa looks like a great matchup! I enjoy watching Mitchell fight! A fun featherweight fight!

  • Vicente Luque versus Niko Price is going to be an epic RE-MATCH, both are high quality welterweights with Niko Price being a personal favorite as he is pretty savage! Vicente Luque won the the first 2017 matchup.

  • Donald Cerrone versus Anthony Pettis is another awesome re-match from 2013. Both fighters are UFC hall-of-famers that come to bang! Should be a really good one! Welterweight.

  • Former NFL Player Greg Hardy fights Yorgan De Castro in a heavyweight bout

  • Fan favorite Jeremy Stephens fights hungry up and comer Calvin Kattar in a classic old-school vet versus young new-school matchup. This should be epic as they both like throwing hands! Featherweight.

  • One of the scariest heavyweight fights I have seen in in awhile, Francis Ngannou battles Jairzinho Rozenstruik. Every UFC fan is going to be glued to the screen to see this! Winner is is likely going to fight for the heavyweight title next.

  • CHAMPIONSHIP BOUT Bantamweight. Current champ Henry Cejudo squares off with former bantamweight champion and MMA LEGEND Dominick Cruz. This is going to epic for OG fans and new-school fans. This is gonna be intense championship fighting here!

Tony Ferguson vs Justin Gaethje - Interim Lightweight Title - Main Event

Tony on the left, Justin on the right. Source

Tony Ferguson is probably my favorite current fighter! He is a supreme athlete and cardio machine! Mix those qualities with somewhat questionable sanity, and you have Tony Ferguson. I don't mean to insult him in any way. His savage and calculating mentality is what makes him so lethal and so elite. He turns his opponent's faces into bloody messes, consistently. This guy is one of the best lightweights of all time! He is the dark knight of the lightweight division and really is the people's champ to a good number of people. he is Khabib's (the current lightweight champion) toughest fight I believe. Tony hasn't lost a fight since 2012. If he loses tonight I would honestly feel pretty bad, but this is the fight game and it shows no mercy to anyone.

Tony's opponent is unique too. Justin Gaethje is a savage in his own right. That fact might make this the greatest fight in the history of forever. Justin is a mean old school brawler, that refuses to stop walking forward. Like he literally just steadily and efficiently gets in guys faces and throws punches and kicks. Not many men can handle his intensity. He did lose two fights a year or two ago. Since then he's won several and his style is a bit more calculated but he definitely is still very aggressive. He just uses his power a bit more selectively.

I expect Tony to win, but Justin is absolutely a formidable fighter. Dangerous. I could see a scenario Justin wins. But I believe Tony is too skilled.

Both these guys have worked hard and deserve this unique spotlight on them, this fight card will probably be watched by a lot of people. For obvious reasons.

I am so happy sports are returning!!! I would have taken any fight card. But this fight card is epic, virus or not!! Tonight is going to be a real treat.

I would try an predict the fight maybe, but tonight I just want to kick back and enjoy. These fights are too close to call anyway!

Hope everyone enjoys the fights like I will.


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Nice can’t wait!

Neither can I, I am sooooooo excited now that its so close. 25 minutes away!