Decentralized Football Academy Training Reports - Feb 15th & 16th

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Happy new workday, hope this week is very productive for everyone! We are bringing to you today reports and photos taken in the recent training of Decentralized Football Academy.

The training was on Sunday, it was superb, some of the boys around the vicinity of the field came and challenged DFA boys. DFA boys showed them football is in them and they were defeated by four goals to nill. It was not a normal football match but an aside game, it was four on four players (4 vs 4).

The weather was dark and the photos taken are not rendered in good quality. They came last week Sunday and maybe they will come next week as well.

The following photographs are the photos taken on Saturday and Sunday training:

Drill 📸



Stretching 📸

Stretching 📸


Forward Zig-Zag 📸

Hop with one foot 📸


F & B Sprint 📸



Changing Kits 📸

Training Ended 📸

Going Home 🏠


Thank you for viewing and supporting Decentralized Football Academy.

This project/academy is now supported by Fundition, read the current goals here.

BONUS: Game Priority Order By Age Group

U6: fitness (movement education), technique, psychology, and tactics.
U8: technique, fitness, psychology, and tactics.
U10: technique, psychology, fitness, and tactics.
U12: technique, tactics, psychology, and fitness.
U14: technique, psychology, tactics, and fitness.
U16: tactics, psychology, fitness, and technique.
U19: tactics, fitness, psychology, and technique.


About DFA

If you are stumbling upon DFACADEMY (Decentralized Football Academy) for the first time, please read our Introduction & Medium posts.

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PS: The reward from this post will be used to provide the footballers with full kits, new football, food accommodations, as well as management for the team.


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Nice post. After seeing your photographs I have re call my childhood days. Really those days are golden.