Dancing to QUE PRETENDES by J. Balvin & Bad Bunny - Dancing for fun

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You: Donatello, you can't be serious.
Donatello: Yes, you are right. But how shall I dance?
You: I don't know but you are 54, you shouldn't dance like that.

Donatello: Fine then I'm going to dance quietly.

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That's awesome! I hope I'm able to dance like that when I get to that age. I suppose the dancing helps keep you going though right? Maybe I should dance more right now! It's nice to see someone loving life so much! Well done.

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I would like to see more people dancing and fewer people doing nothing.

Yes, I hear what you're saying here. I think people should be doing more of what brings them joy, as dancing clearly does with you. People get caught up on social media, their face buried in their phones, and forget that there's a wide world out there and that they are responsible for their happiness.

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