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As a sports lover, sometimes I do sports betting to compliment my passion for sports and also to raise money as well.

I am not addicted to sports betting unlike those who are addicted to sports gambling, for me I quitted sports betting long ago.

Here is a story of how sports betting changed my life.

Its been over 8 years since i graduated from school with a second class division in Physics/electronics from Lagos State University (L.A.S.U) here in Nigeria.

I worked with an Electricity company here in Nigeria as a casual, All companies i submitted my CV to refuse to contact me, all they kept telling me was "we would get back to you"

It was really frustrating yet i kept doing my casual work with Electricity company formerly known as NIGERIA ELECTRIC POWER AUTHORITY (NEPA) before the name then was later changed to POWER HOLDING COMPANY OF NIGERIA (PHCN), now the company owns a new name came IKEJA ELECTRIC, (I.E), where i earn base on contract work.

Although it wasn't much but helped me cater for most of my little needs as i was still staying under my parents' roof.

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From the onset of the pandemic, things became tough for me, i ran out money and i was left penniless and broke.

i resorted to asking friends even my mom for things as common as bathing soap, it was that bad.

Last upper Saturday a friend had literally sent me a sports betting code, i blatantly refused to play and i ignored the message.

On my way to church the following day, I had a change of heart, when i had asked my mom for transport and offering money it had ended up in insults and quarrels.

I needed money badly. I called my friend Festus who had sent me a code earlier to please resend another sporting code so i could play.

Festus actually instructed me to go to a particular shop to play the game, the reason was that the lady printing the game has some sort of luck people sometimes win games when she prints the game for customers.

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I went there and did as i was told, code was a sports betting of the German Bundesliga matches. i was given a long slip of paper to take home after i left for Church.

i felt bad when my pastor announced the topic for the day was "Gambling, sports betting and other devices the devil is using to win the youths over to his kingdom."

I cried and begged for forgiveness, i decided to give Festus the piece of paper i had and never try something like sports betting again.

When i went to Festus's house he was in a sad mood, he narrated how the game he gave me was void as the teams he predicted would win ended up losing their respective games.

I brought the ticket with me to also check which team exactly he's talking about and he furrowed his brow in concentration

"Oboy this is not the game i gave you oh, the game i gave you is void and this one is still intact" Festus narrated.

"In fact, this is a ticket of 4million and the last game will play on Wednesday, it seems the cashier made a mistake and played someone else's game for me or better still miss the code while tying it.

I was short of words.

By Wednesday appropriately 12 pm the ticket entered, Festus was beside me jubilating and i was overjoyed.

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The next day which was Thursday i upgraded my bank account, the weekend of that same week I got the money straight into my bank account.

So i went to Church this past Sunday i was really shocked to hear our pastor preaching about tithe and offering.

Now i don't know whether i should still share my story and pay my tithe?

Tell me what you think i should do regarding this issue..