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RE: The dull grey background

in OCD8 months ago

A month on the road, seems like a long tine but you have to do what you have to I guess . What have been doing at home?


Yard work mostly. The jungle never sleeps. Always trees to trim, brush to cut and burn. I did the yearly pond maint/cleanup. I moved over 120 rocks. From basketball size up to 200lb./ 90k.

Here I am holding the hammock down. Rocks in background.

Repositioned them up the bank and spaced them out farther to make weed trimming easier. So removed around 30 smaller ones.

Had to rewire back up lights on Prime Mover.

Making grave markers for our past pets. That sounds weird, Is that creepy.?

photo of markers (first coat of paint)IMG_20200521_164000.jpg

Many many projects. Those are a few of the big ones.

Thanks for asking, I enjoy hearing / seeing Yours & Faiths adventures.

This is how KrazzyTrukker cleans the gutters... And pretty much everything else. We would be so lost without this old kubota.!Man in a Bucket 20200424.jpg

You're a handy bugger huh? Good to have skills. Oh by the way, I'd be a little sore after all of that too! Well, i'll be honest, the old bones would probably have given up the ghost! Lol