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I like winning...I possess a winning attitude and perspective on life, apply qualities that lean towards winning and have to say that, in my own humble opinion, I feel I win at life in general, mostly. Winning is great. But I don't always win, no one does.

I competed in the IPSC Handgun State Titles (South Australia) over the weekend just gone. It's a pretty intense practical shooting event and is categorised as a Grade 3 Match meaning it contributes to a world wide ranking. Grade 3 matches are big events.

I wrote previously about going there for fun and I came away at the end of the weekend feeling like I achieved that objective.

I got to hang out with some cool people, met some new ones and tested my skills against some of the best shooters in the country as every state of Australia was represented. However I also went to compete against them, and against myself, and so put in a reasonable amount of effort leading into the event preparing myself and equipment as best I can. Effort equals reward in my opinion - If the right effort is applied.

I deployed on Saturday morning in a good frame of mind, was relaxed but energised, looking for fun but wanting to perform at my best, you know, I had a good balance going.

I'd joked that it would be just my luck to start on a difficult stage and sure enough my first hit-out was a 32 round stage with a lot of targets and movement.

Many were visible from multiple points on the course of fire making it difficult to strategise the right (fastest/most efficient) sequence, and easy to miss one out altogether which is a procedural penalty of minus 25 points. There was movement onto a raised platform, down stairs and across the ground also, plus shooting through apertures (windows). It was a technical stage and the last one I'd prefer to begin on. Still I strategised, worked out my plan and rolled out into it confident there was little else I could do but attack it. As it turns out it was one of my best stages all weekend. OK, now I was warmed up...Bring on the other eleven stages!

Over the weekend I had ups and downs, missed a couple shots costing valuable points, but hit no penalty targets (minus 25 points every time one is hit) and didn't get disqualified and sent home for safety breaches. My speed between targets was reasonable as was my target acquisition.

On one stage I made a massive error costing me about 8 seconds which really affected my whole weekend and I'm still a bit annoyed about that one, however I know what I did wrong and will remember for next time. Self-evaluation is critical for me to understand where improvement can be made _ I mean in all aspects of life, not just shooting.

Overall I was pleased with the fun-factor of the weekend, which was a major focus and always in doubt at big events where people come from far and wide with only one aim; To win. It's a serious event attended by serious shooters, but this year it was a lot of fun too, which was good.

Could I have done better? Hmm, a good question. Yes is the obvious answer as we can always do better than we did right?

Did I perform at my peak though? Well, I think yes from the shooting and physical aspect...I've got that part pretty well covered. I think over the weekend my strategy could have been better on a few of the stages which would have seen me finish higher in the standings. Oh well, we live and learn right?

Ok, so where did the old boy finish? Great question.

I'm still waiting on all the results to be posted so I don't know where I finished in the overall standings just yet. This result is a little misleading anyway as it combines all Divisions and Grades together which is not a good representation. It's sort of like combining results from a Formula One race and Porsche Cup race - Obviously the Porsche competitors will never compete against the F1 cars. So, I'm still waiting on that result but the only results I really need to worry about is where did I finish within my own Division and Grade.

As far as my Division and Grade goes...Well, I actually came third (second of the losers), so a reasonable result and one I'm happy with.

I didn't hang around for the presentations after the event yesterday though and so wasn't there to receive my medal personally however one of my buddies accepted it on my behalf so I'll get it at some stage. The image is of my Top Rookie medal I won at my first State Titles/Grade 3 match a while back.

So, fun and a medal plus some valuable intel on my course-of-fire strategy which I need to work on I think. I'd say that was a good result.

I also got to show off in front of my wife a little on Sunday (my best shooting day) as she came up to the range to support me. We've been together for 32 years but I still like to show off every now and then and she's always pleased to see me doing well. She also keeps me grounded when I start to get that win at all costs look in my eyes.

The next State Titles I compete in (January 2021) I'll be competing as a senior...Yep, I'll be 50. That doesn't make the competition any less fierce though as most of those guys have been shooting this discipline for 30+ years and are very good. I'll probably get my ass thoroughly kicked. I might have to do a Tonya Harding and break some legs with a baseball bat. (Just kidding of course.)

Anyway, that's my State Titles weekend wrapped up. I probably don't have to go over it again. Had fun, came third is a good result from the weekend I think, and a good return on investment.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Good job man ! I laughed quite hard at this part: “She also keeps me grounded when I start to get that win at all costs look in my eyes.”
I’m also quite competitive, but it used to be “worse” when I was younger. I use the word worse because I was a bit of a sore looser back then and forgot to enjoy the actual competition. Now I’m more balanced, but still today, there are some people that will trigger that competitive side, but like you, my wife will help to keep me in check hehe

Ii don't think I was ever a bad loser, just that I valued winning. I've always been a good winner too, meaning that I don't gloat over it. As I got older the need to win sort of disappeared and fun or enjoyment took it's place. Sure, I like to win and always set out with that in mind, but it's different, I compete against myself and so winning means being satisfied with my own result and improving on my last performance.

To be honest, in this sport, I'm never probably going to win as I simply don't shoot enough. Some of the people at the very top take it so seriously, it consumes their life. I have other hobbies and if something starts to take over then I know I'm taking it too seriously.

I enjoyed the event though, and shot well. I'm happy to get a little medal and see my world ranking improve somewhat.

It seems like your wife is like mine...Happy to remind me about the reason I'm there. Fun. It can be easy to lose sight of that. She knows me best of all and so knows what to say and when. Seems like we're both fortunate in that way.

In the end the most important is that you had fun and enjoyed it, and of course it’s extra nice with a good result! I think I’m loosing grip of my hobbies these days, I really need to improve on that, it’s important to have that one thing that is kind of your own little “world”.

Yes, I agree...On all counts. It's important to remember that we have a limited time in life and for most we don't know when it may come to an end...The time is now...To engage with life, to smile, to tell someone we appreciate them, to call our mothers, to do something nice for someone without the expectation of reward, to treat ourselves better, to remember that we are fallible, to seek reward for effort not simply because we exist...The time is now...To live our best versions of life and to be the best incarnation of ourselves.


Go get after that hobby mate.

and didn't get disqualified and sent home for safety breaches.

Always a an achievement!

Congrats in the 3rd position, that is awesome.


I might have to do a Tonya Harding and brake some legs with a baseball bat.

Have you seen the movie, it is pretty good and interesting I thought.

I haven't yet but it's on Netflix I see. We're planning to watch it. (I also note I spelt break as brake...What a dumb ass. Will rectify.

Yeah, I'm pleased with the result. I could have done better though as I made a few little errors however I'm not about to negate the result as I am pleased with it.

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Congratulations on the placement, and glad you had fun. Whenever I am doing something and someone asks how long I plan on continuing to do it I say: "When I stop having fun doing it, I'll stop."

Thanks mate, I was pretty chuffed to be honest. (Chuffed = pleased)

I agree, when one stops having fun it's time to stop; I have the same ethos with hobbies etc. Work...Well, that's a different thing altogether. :)

Third is good, I’ve only come in 3rd in a highschool bowling league lol but I’m not really competitive in sports so it’s tough to compare. Congrats though! Better than 4th.

Ah yes, 3rd is way better than 4th. I was only there for fun and so didn't really mind where I finished as long it was fun. Was nice get a result though.

(P.s. I bowl terribly so would finish way down the list.)

Great job sir galenkp and congratulations on the high placing in your division, well done!